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Department of Orthopedic Rehabilitation - Maternus Rehabilitation Clinic Bad Oeynhausen

Maternus Rehabilitation Clinic Bad Oeynhausen

Bad Oeynhausen, Germany
Department id # 323933
Doctor photo
Dr. med. Georg-Johannes Rosenbohm
Department of Orthopedic Rehabilitation
Specialized in: orthopedic rehabilitation

About the Department of Orthopedic Rehabilitation at Maternus Rehabilitation Clinic Bad Oeynhausen

The Department of Orthopedic Rehabilitation at the Maternus Clinic Bad Oeynhausen offers the full range of rehabilitation services and specializes in conservative treatment of the musculoskeletal system disorders. It offers rehabilitation and subsequent treatment of patients with musculoskeletal and functional impairments, as well as mobility limitations of the spine, trunk, extremities and joints. These disorders may be congenital, acquired, age-related or associated with surgical interventions after trauma or accidents. The department is headed by Dr. med. Georg-Johannes Rosenbohm.

The scope of the department's tasks also includes rehabilitation after amputation of the limbs, including prosthetics conducted according to the current requirements. The procedure is carried out by specially trained orthopedic doctors in close cooperation with the Orthopedic Center of the clinic. The goal of the treatment is to eliminate (or overcome) existing dysfunctions and lost skills through the restoration and preservation of independence and the ability to solve daily tasks. As part of prevention, the goal is to avoid the development of the disease into a chronic stage and improve the quality of life.

Particular significance is given to to medical professional rehabilitation of patients. In this area, the department aims to restore and consolidate the ability of patients to carry out physical activity in accordance with professional requirements within the framework of an individual therapy program.

The specialists of the department perceive orthopedic rehabilitation as a comprehensive process that covers the elimination of pain, physical limitations, mental and social stresses of everyday life, which also have a negative impact on the physical health and physical activities of the patient.

Patients undergo medical, orthopedic, psychological, sports and movement therapy in closed groups. All treatment strategies are developed individually for each patient with due consideration of their clinical picture and needs.

Indications for treatment in the department are:

  • Degenerative diseases of the spine with radicular and pseudoradicular symptoms
  • Painful spine syndromes (static, degenerative and functionally conditioned)
  • Arthrosis of the joints (primary and secondary), osteoporosis and other types of osteopathy
  • Diseases of connective tissue and musculature, associated with overstrain or rheumatism, including enthesopathy and fibromyalgia
  • Inflammatory diseases of the joints of the rheumatic morphological group
  • Follow-up treatment for hernias of intervertebral discs after surgeries on the spine or endoprosthetics
  • Treatment after amputation of limbs
  • Prosthetics in the orthopedic center
  • Follow-up treatment of polytrauma
  • Follow-up treatment of fractures (surgical and conservative emergency treatment)
  • General sports traumatology
  • and many other indications

The range of services of the department of orthopedics includes:

  • Restoration after diseases of the musculoskeletal system, especially with signs of degenerative complications
  • Post-treatment after endoprosthetics or spinal surgery
  • Subsequent treatment after limb amputations with prosthetics
  • Interventional pain therapy
  • Wound management
  • Treatment in osteoporosis
  • Chiropractic treatment
  • Treatment with natural remedies
  • Professional rehabilitation, including social counseling
  • and other rehabilitation services

Other focuses of the department include:

  • Methods of psychological treatment (psychological overcoming of pain in groups, short-term psychotherapy, etc.)
  • Methods of ergotherapy (for patients with  limitations of solving daily tasks, cognitive deficits, acute and chronic mobility deficiencies, etc.)
  • Social counseling in groups and individually (eg, professional reintegration, etc.)
  • Methods of normalization of motor activity (physiotherapy, sports therapy, balneo-physical treatment)

Photo of the doctor: (c) MATERNUS-Klinik für Rehabilitation GmbH & Co. KG