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Department of Reproductive Medicine (603934)

Semra Kahraman

Prof. Dr. med.

Semra Kahraman

Specialized in: reproductive medicine

About the Department of Reproductive Medicine at Memorial Sisli Hospital Istanbul

The Department of Reproductive Medicine at the Memorial Sisli Hospital Istanbul offers the full range of top-class medical services for patients with fertility disorders. The primary specialization of the medical facility is in vitro fertilization, which helps women to achieve the desired pregnancy. 

The Chief Physician of the department is Prof. Dr. med. Semra Kahraman. The specialist is an internationally recognized doctor in his field of competence. She is engaged not only in clinical, but also in research activities, implements innovative approaches to the treatment of infertility in the department, thanks to which she achieves excellent results.

As of today, the department has earned an impeccable reputation not only in Turkey but throughout the world. The department pioneered the use of such techniques as surgical sperm retrieval and microinjection, embryo freezing procedures, endometrial cell cultivation and preimplantation genetic diagnostics in Turkey. Thanks to the professional treatment of infertility, more than 10,000 babies were born within the walls of the hospital.

Structurally, the department consists of the In Vitro Fertilization Center, the Andrology Center and the Perinatal Center, as well as various specialized laboratories. It is the only hospital of this kind in Turkey, which combines all related disciplines under one roof. In addition, the department is the first and only center, which is certified by the Ministry of Health to train doctors, embryologists, biologists and nurses for in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedures.

The department also specializes in preimplantation genetic diagnostics of embryos in couples with the risk of genetic pathologies. This type of diagnostics can reveal thalassemia, spinal muscular atrophy, hemophilia and other pathologies in the embryo.

The department's medical team, which consists of 70 highly qualified specialists applies all their experience and clinical knowledge in order to bring the woman the long-awaited joy of motherhood. The use of the latest and the most effective treatment methods contributes to the fact that excellent results are achieved here. The best proof of the impeccable medical service is the steadily growing number of patients who come here from different parts of the world.

The department's range of medical services includes:

  • Clinical procedures
    • Diagnostics of infertility in men and women
    • Infertility treatment using classic and innovative techniques – ovulation induction, intrauterine insemination, in vitro fertilization
    • Oocyte retrieval using transvaginal ultrasound
  • Surgical procedures for the diagnostics and treatment of infertility
    • Hysteroscopy (method of minimally invasive examination of the uterine cavity using hysteroscope with the possibility of therapeutic manipulations)
    • Laparoscopy (minimally invasive surgical technique for the examination of the abdominal organs, ovaries, uterus, and fallopian tubes)
  • Procedures for the diagnostics and treatment of male infertility
    • Spermogram
    • Sperm FISH analysis in severe types of male infertility
    • Extended diagnostics of male infertility – Halo, Tunnel tests, etc.
    • Cryopreservation of testicular and sperm tissues
    • Microdissection testicular sperm extraction (micro-TESE)
    • Testicular sperm aspiration (TESA)
  • Innovative procedures
    • Co-cultivation of embryo with endometrium
    • Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD)
    • Oocyte maturation in the laboratory
    • HLA typing for the determination of the biological compatibility of cells, which are participants of the In Vitro Fertilization Program
    • Rapid freezing of spermatozoa, embryos and ovarian tissue by means of vitrification
    • Immunoglobulin therapy
  • Genetic health services
    • Genetic consultations for couples who already have a child with a genetic disorder or for couples who are carriers of a genetic disorder
    • Analysis of chromosome structure and quantity (karyotype analysis)
    • Preimplantation genetic diagnostics for the exclusion of chromosomal abnormalities in the embryo before transfer to the uterus
    • HLA typing for diseases caused by such genetic defects as thalassemia, leukemia, etc.
    • Cytogenetic testing after amniocentesis, cordocentesis
    • QF-PCR amniocentesis 
    • Diagnostics of such life-threatening diseases as Mediterranean anemia, cystic fibrosis, sickle cell anemia in embryos
  • Other diagnostic and therapeutic options

Curriculum vitae of Prof. Dr. med. Semra Kahraman

Professional Career

  • Since 2000 Head of the Department of Reproductive Medicine at the Memorial Sisli Hospital Istanbul.
  • 1996 - 1997 Work at the Institute of Reproductive Genetics, Chicago, USA.
  • 1996 - 1997 Work at the Weill Cornell's Center for Reproductive Medicine, New York, USA.
  • 1996 - 1997 Schoysman Infertility Management Foundation (SIMAF), Van Helmont Hospital, Vilvoorde, Belgium.
  • 1993 - 2000 Head of the Center for Reproductive Medicine, Sevgi Hospital, Ankara, Turkey.
  • 1991 - 1992 Work at the Fertility Center, Oslo University Hospital, Norway.

Higher Education and Postgraduate Training

  • 2004 Professorship, Faculty of Medicine, Yeditepe University, Istanbul, Turkey.
  • 1994 Assistant Professorship, Faculty of Medicine, Ankara University, Ankara, Turkey.
  • 1983 - 1989 Professional training in Gynecology and Obstetrics, Faculty of Medicine, Ankara University, Ankara, Turkey.
  • 1973 - 1981 Study of Human Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey.

Awards and Honors

  • 2018 and 2017 American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) Star Awards.
  • 2015 Medical Travel Journal Awards – Department of Reproductive Medicine at the Memorial Sisli Hospital Istanbul is recognized as the International Hospital of the Year in the field of its specialization, London, UK.
  • 2014 Grant for Innovations in Fertility Treatment, Project "Detection of markers of oocyte competence using maturation analysis" – one of the best projects in the field of fertility research, Munich, Germany.
  • 2013 Award for Scientific Contribution in Reproductive Medicine, Ankara, Turkey.
  • 2008 Lifetime Achievement Award, Turkish Society for Reproductive Medicine (TSRM).
  • 2004 Award for the Best Researcher of the Year (Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research), TEMPO Journal.
  • 2001 Best Presentation Award.
  • 1997 and 1996 TUBİTAK Honorable Award.
  • 1996 Poster Award.

Memberships in Professional Societies

  • 2013 - 2015 President of the Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis International Society (PGDIS).
  • Board Member of the Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis International Society (PGDIS).
  • Member of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE).
  • Member of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM).
  • Jury Member on Awarding of the Royan Institute.
  • Member of the Turkish Society for Reproductive Medicine (TSRM).
  • Member of the Turkish Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology (TJOD).
  • Association for Reproductive Medicine (ÜTD).

Photo of the doctor: (c) Memorial Şişli Hospital 

Department of Reproductive Medicine.
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