Outpatient Diagnostic Center Charite Mitte Berlin

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Outpatient Diagnostic Center Charite Mitte Berlin

According to the reputable magazine FOCUS, the Outpatient Diagnostic Center Charite Mitte was ranked among the top diagnostic medical institutions in Germany in 2017!

The Outpatient Diagnostic Center Charite Mitte is a specialized medical facility, the main task of which is early detection of various pathologies and risks for human health with the help of the very latest diagnostic methods available in modern medicine. In addition, one of the most important roles in the field of clinical activities is devoted to primary (prevention of the development of the disease) and secondary (prevention of complications of already existing diseases or their relapse) prevention.

As an academic medical institution, the center is actively engaged in research activities, which contributes to the development and implementation of highly effective diagnostic and therapeutic measures. If the patient wishes and agrees, it is possible to participate in clinical studies, which can sometimes even save a life.

It is worth noting that the center employs competent doctors, the best of the best in the area of their specialization. They make every effort to provide patients with a high-quality medical care, timely identify all possible health problems and effectively eliminate them.

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The patients of the Outpatient Diagnostic Center Charite Mitte may live in the hotel. The employees of Booking Health will be happy to help you choose the best variant of the hotel for your stay during the entire diagnostic period.

About the city

Berlin, the capital of Germany, wins the sympathy of its guests thanks to the incredible variety of attractions, the richness of culture and a special atmosphere. An inherent feature of Berlin is the contrast between historical buildings and modern buildings, between tradition and modern history.

The Charlottenburg Palace, the unique Berlin Zoo, the Church of the Commemoration, the Cemetery of Soviet Soldiers who died for Berlin, the Botanical Garden with a huge collection of flora, the clock called "The Globe" is only a small part of the sights of the capital of Germany. Truly a huge number of different museums, in which priceless exhibits related to the Middle Ages and the Second World War are collected, theaters, philharmonic societies. All this can not leave any tourist indifferent.

In a break between sightseeing, one can go to one of hundreds of restaurants where the best chefs of the world will cook amazing national dishes. It will be equally interesting to look at the Berlin TV Tower with a height of 365 meters, which will offer an amazing view of the city and its surroundings. Also, the German capital has many large parks, forest parks and lakes, which rightfully make Berlin the greenest capital of Europe.

Outpatient Diagnostic Center Charite Mitte Berlin:

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