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Department of Hair Transplantation - Proesthe Hair Transplant Center Istanbul

Proesthe Hair Transplant Center Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey
Department id # 609475
Doctor photo
Dr. med. Hamid Aydın
Department of Hair Transplantation
Specialized in: hair transplantation

About the Department of Hair Transplantation at Proesthe Hair Transplant Center Istanbul

The Department of Hair Transplantation at the Proesthe Hair Transplant Center Istanbul performs all modern therapeutic measures to restore hair growth and its natural beauty. The department specializes in the transplantation of hair follicles (grafts) in the head and beard using the very latest FUE and DHI techniques. The department's doctors regularly demonstrate excellent treatment results, so the number of patients wishing to undergo hair transplantation here is steadily growing. The Chief Physician of the department is Dr. med. Hamid Aydın.

Prior to hair transplantation, a specialized expert examines the patient, takes the necessary tests, and then individually develops an optimal plan for a particular procedure to restore hair growth. When planning, the doctor necessarily calculates the required number of grafts, which in most cases are taken from the back of the head, as well as the scheme of their distribution on the skin areas affected by alopecia.

The hair transplantation procedure takes place on an outpatient basis, so the patient does not need hospitalization. The duration of the intervention depends on many factors, including the degree of alopecia and the required number of grafts for transplantation – the more grafts are needed, the longer the procedure will take. To eliminate pain and achieve maximum comfort, the procedure is preceded by local anesthesia administration. After the operation, the patient will have to take certain medications and use a special shampoo.

The department specializes in the following hair transplantation techniques:

  • FUE hair transplantation. The procedure consists in the microsurgical collection of hair follicles (grafts) from the donor site (in most cases, this is the back of the head) and their transplantation into the recipient site without incisions and sutures. The operation includes three main stages: the collection of grafts with a special microsurgical instrument and their processing, the formation of channels for hair transplantation in the skin of the recipient zone and piecewise implantation of the grafts into the created channels at the correct angle, according to the hairline. Typically, the duration of the operation is 6 to 8 hours. Within a single procedure, the doctor can harvest about 4000 grafts. In order to eliminate pain in the patient, the operation is performed under local anesthesia. The FUE hair transplantation leaves microscars in the form of small red dots on the back of the head, which heal and become invisible after a while. The use of this method is recommended for hair loss from I to V degree according to Norwood. The FUE hair transplantation can also be used for post-traumatic and post-burn scars. 
  • DHI hair transplantation. This type of hair transplantation is very similar to the FUE technique, but still has some differences. DHI is a direct seamless hair transplantation technique. The procedure involves the use of a special Choi Pen instrument with a diameter of 0.7-0.9 mm (the optimal diameter for minimal trauma to the transplantation area). This method shortens the time the grafts remain outside the body, which ensures their good engraftment. The first stage of the procedure is the collection of hair follicles from the donor site using the Choi Pen. The extracted grafts are placed in a special fluid that increases their viability after transplantation. Then, using the same instrument, the hair graft is implanted into the recipient site of the skin – taking into account the direction of hair growth, at an angle of 40-45 degrees, at the required depth. The hair implantation is performed under local anesthesia, without preliminary incisions and skin punctures. The procedure is also performed on an outpatient basis and does not require hospitalization. The duration of the operation is from 5 to 9 hours, while the number of implanted grafts reaches 5,000. The advantage is that the DHI method allows hair transplantation without shaving the head. It also allows donor grafts to be transplanted more densely and, as a result, to get thicker hair. During the first 6 months, the transplanted hair falls out several times and grows back. The patient will be able to see the final result approximately 7-8 months after the transplantation procedure.
  • Other treatments for hair loss.

Curriculum vitae

Higher Education and Professional Career

  • 1987 - 1993 Study of Human Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine of the Medical University in Diyarbakir.
  • 1993 - 1994 Military service.
  • 1994 - 2007 Work at Aydin Kusadasi Health Center.
  • 1998 Medical certification program.
  • 2003 - 2006 Professional training in emergency medical care.
  • 2004 - 2011 Professional training in aesthetic medicine.
  • 2004 - 2011 Professional training in the treatment with botox injections.
  • 2004 Professional training in the use of laser technology for the removal of unwanted hair.
  • 2005 Professional training in the application of the FUE technique for hair transplantation.
  • 2005 Professional training in the field of mesotherapy for hair restoration.
  • 2008 Professional training in acupuncture.
  • 2010 Professional training in the field of hair restoration techniques.

Memberships in Professional Societies

  • International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS).
  • Turkish Hair Healthcare and Hair Transplantation Association.


Photo of the doctor: (c) Proesthe Hair Transplant Center