Psychosomatic rehabilitation: Psychosomatic rehabilitation. Rehabilitation in Germany

Dr. Franz Dengler Clinic Baden-Baden

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location_onGermany, Baden-Baden

Department of Psychosomatic Medicine

Psychosomatic rehabilitation #179223

Department work is focused on treatment of the following problems: Chronic pain syndromes of somatic and psychological origin, depressive disorders, adjustment disorders, chronic Fatigue Syndrome, sleepiness etc.

MEDIAN Rehabilitation Clinic Bad Berka

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location_onGermany, Bad Berka

Median Quellbrunn-Klinik

Psychosomatic rehabilitation #100737

Median Quellbrunn-Klinik Bad Berka Rehabilitation Clinic (Rehabilitation Clinic) is a clinic of psychosomatic rehabilitation and psychotherapy.

MEDIAN Rehabilitation Clinic Schlangenbad

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location_onGermany, Schlangenbad

Department of Psychosomatic

Psychosomatic rehabilitation #170489

The therapeutic approach is applied across school with behavioral and psychodynamic elements. Each patient receives a reference therapists and / or therapeutically trained doctor made reference to his side, who coordinates the psychotherapeutic and medical therapies.

MEDIAN Rehabilitation Clinic Wismar

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location_onGermany, Wismar

Department of Psychosomatics

Psychosomatic rehabilitation #74689

The Department of Psychosomatics of Median Wismar Clinic (MEDIAN Klinik Wismar) specializes in treatment of the following psychosomatic diseases: Anxiety disorders (panic attacks, phobias) Adjustment disorder after stressful life events Depression and other mood disorders.

MEDIAN Rehabilitation Clinic Heiligendamm

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location_onGermany, Heiligendamm

Department of Psychosomatics and Psychiatry

Psychosomatic rehabilitation #74663

Median Heiligendamm Rehabilitation Clinic (MEDIAN Klinik Heiligendamm) specializes in treatment of the following psychosomatic diseases: Depression and other mood disorders Panic attacks Phobia Obsessive-compulsive disorders.

MEDIAN Rehabilitation Clinic Bad Gottleuba Berggiesshuebel

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location_onGermany, Bad Gottleuba Berggiesshuebel

Department of Psychosomatics

Psychosomatic rehabilitation #74647

The Department of Psychosomatics of Median Klinik Berggiesshuebel Rehabilitation Clinic (Median Klinik Berggiesshuebel) provides treatment of the following diseases: depression, dysthymia, adjustment disorders, eating disorder, overweight, obesity.  .

MEDIAN Rehabilitation Clinic Kinzigtal Bad Soden-Salmünster

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location_onGermany, Bad Soden-Salmünster

Department of Psychosomatics

Psychosomatic rehabilitation #74617

In the Department of Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy of the clinic in collaboration with other departments interdisciplinary treatment and rehabilitation of patients with the following diseases is performed: Depression Burnout syndrome Chronic fatigue Anxiety disorders etc.

MEDIAN Rehabilitation Clinic Hohenfeld Bad Camberg

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location_onGermany, Bad Camberg

Department of Psychosomatics, Psychotherapy, Psychosomatic Rehabilitation

Psychosomatic rehabilitation #74607

Median Hohenfeld Bad Camberg Rehabilitation Clinic (MEDIAN Hohenfeld-Kliniken Bad Camberg) treats the following psychosomatic diseases: Recurrent depressive disorder, Moderate depressive episode, Adjustment disorder.

Clinic in Alpenpark Bad Wiessee

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location_onGermany, Bad Wiessee

Department of Psychosomatic Rehabilitation

Psychosomatic rehabilitation #370286

The Department of Psychosomatic Rehabilitation at the Rehabilitation Clinic in Alpenpark offers patients with mental illnesses such as depression, burnout, eating or post traumatic stress disorders individually tailored treatment with dailly psychotherapy sessions as well as complementary group therapies.

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