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Osteochondrosis — Treatment With Autologous Conditioned Plasma (ACP) in the Best Hospitals in the World

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Department of Alternative Medicine

The Department of Alternative Medicine specializes in the treatment of various types of cancer and chronic diseases using the methods of integrative medicine. The department belongs to few medical facilities in Germany, which offer individual treatment regimens using biological and integrative techniques. The department has state-of-the-art medical technologies, as well as a multidisciplinary team of competent specialists in various medical fields, including therapists, oncologists, gynecologists, urologists, orthopedists, nephrologists, surgeons, cardiologists and others. In addition, the department has a pleasant and friendly atmosphere.

Gerhard Siebenhüner
Dr. med.Gerhard Siebenhüner
Hospital directly 7784.5
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Orthopedic Center Munich East Munich
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Department of Orthopedics

The Department of Orthopedics offers the comprehensive diagnostics using high-precision imaging equipment, as well as conservative and surgical treatments for all diseases, injuries and functional limitations of the musculoskeletal system. The department uses the very latest treatment methods, such as acupuncture, autohemotherapy, PRP therapy, shockwave therapy, K-Taping therapy, etc. In the field of surgical treatment, the preference is always given to minimally invasive, endoscopic and arthroscopic operations.

Peter Diehl
Prof. Dr. med.Peter Diehl
Price from: 6388.38
Orthopedic Clinic Freiburg

Orthopedic Clinic Freiburg

Overall rating 9.7 / 10

Department of Adult and Pediatric Orthopedics, Foot Surgery and Hand Surgery

The Department of Adult and Pediatric Orthopedics, Foot Surgery and Hand Surgery provides the full range of medical services in the areas of its specialization. The focus of the team of doctors at the medical facility is on patients with pathologies of large joints, including the knee, hip, shoulder, elbow, ankle, and wrist joints. The department's special offer is autologous cartilage transplantation, which is performed by a very limited number of medical centers in Europe. This innovative surgical technique allows doctors to cure knee, hip, ankle, and shoulder arthrosis. With more than 700 interventions of this kind annually, the department's specialists are deservedly proud of their successful results and professional skills in this field. The department also treats foot and hand diseases, including hallux valgus, hallux rigidus, flat feet, hollow feet, Morton's neuroma, rhizarthrosis, Dupuytren's contracture, trigger fingers, and other pathologies. Surgical interventions for musculoskeletal diseases in adults and children are performed in two high-tech operating rooms that were opened in May 2020. In most cases, the department's doctors manage to perform low-traumatic operations, after which patients recover quickly and leave the hospital as soon as possible. The department performs more than 2,500 interventions annually. The department's team strives to provide patients with top-class medical services in a pleasant and friendly environment.

Sven Ostermeier
Prof. Dr. med.Sven Ostermeier
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Department of Orthopedics and Hand Surgery

The Department of Orthopedics and Hand Surgery offers a wide range of orthopedic treatment. The department is mainly focused on hip and knee endoprosthetics as well as all kinds of diseases of the hand, elbow, shoulder, foot and ankle. Generally, the department treats all diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Depending on the diagnosis, each patient receives an individually developed treatment program.

Bernd Jung
Dr. med.Bernd Jung
Price from: 6324.69

Department of Orthopedics and Surgery

The Department of Orthopedics and Surgery offers the full range of services in these focuses. The department specializes in the surgical treatment of elbow, shoulder, hip, knee and hernias. The medical team of the department performs many spinal surgeries. Particular attention is paid to both diagnosis and treatment of vascular diseases, foot diseases and other disorders in this field.

Christiane Gebhardt
Dr. med.Christiane Gebhardt
Price from: 6320.52
ATOS Clinic Heidelberg

ATOS Clinic Heidelberg

Overall rating 9.8 / 10

Department of Adult and Pediatric Orthopedics, Surgical Orthopedics

The Department of Adult and Pediatric Orthopedics, Surgical Orthopedics offers the full range of services in these medical focuses. It provides an accurate diagnostics and an effective treatment of diseases of the ankle, hip, knee and shoulder. The department's range of services also covers hand, foot surgery and treatment of other conditions in this field.

Hajo Thermann
Prof. Dr. med.Hajo Thermann
Price from: 8475.33

Department of Orthopedics

The Department of Orthopedics provides the full range of medical services in the areas of ​its ​specialization. The medical facility specializes in the prevention, diagnostics and treatment of all musculoskeletal diseases. The department's diagnostic options include ultrasound examination, digital X-ray, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, 3D spine and posture analysis, and gait analysis. When treating orthopedic diseases, the department's doctors use both conservative techniques and surgical interventions with the focus on minimally invasive operations to avoid severe trauma to healthy tissues. In addition, the department offers the very latest methods of biological therapy (molecular orthopedics), which allow achieving excellent results in the treatment of arthritis, rheumatic joint injuries, inflammatory and degenerative processes in the joints and spine. Biological therapy is a modern alternative to the surgical treatment of the above mentioned pathologies, when conservative therapeutic procedures do not give the desired result. The work of the specialists of the medical facility is based on an individual approach to each patient, therefore, during the development of a treatment regimen, doctors always take into account the particular clinical indicators of the patient. The department's medical team makes every effort to provide the patient with high-quality and maximally sparing treatment, after which he will forget about pain and movement restrictions.

Markus Granrath
Dr. med.Markus Granrath
Price from: 6402.99