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Munich, Germany

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The Orthopedic Center Munich East is a leading orthopedic clinic in Munich, which provides the whole range of conservative and surgical treatments for all diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system of any severity. The medical team of the center consists of 6 highly qualified physicians who specialize in the separate areas of the provided service spectrum and are recognized experts in these fields.

The Orthopedic Center has a huge experience in the patient care. It offers many conservative treatment methods, while the main focus is placed on minimally invasive, endoscopic / arthroscopic orthopedic surgery, as well as on various surgical techniques for treating diseases of the spinal column. The diagnostics, treatment and patients’ care meet the very latest clinical standards, while the doctors of the center tend to constantly improve treatment methods.  

The medical facility has the best diagnostic methods: the most advanced imaging techniques, such as digital X-ray, MRI, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), ultrasound and 4D spine analysis, as well as innovative technologies, which add to the highest expertise of the physicians of the department. In the process of treatment, the preference is given to minimally invasive interventional techniques, which allow patients to avoid a long inpatient stay and to quickly return to their everyday life.

The Orthopedic Center Munich East enjoys an excellent reputation not only in Germany (the chief physician of the Department of Orthopedics is the official physician of German ice hockey team), but also abroad, which is proved by a large number of patients who come from the CIS States as well.

About the city

Munich is a modern metropolis on the Isar River. The city is located in the south of Germany, the federal state of Bavaria, and is not only a place of concentration of cultural and museum values, but also a large industrial and research center. Munich offers numerous memorable sights for visitors, such as the Old and New Town Halls, the Holy Virgin Cathedral, the St. Peter's Church, various museums, the Modern Art Gallery and the world famous Munich Park.   

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