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Anterior cruciate ligament is one part of two ligaments, that are situated in human knee. This ligament is also called cruciate, because it is formed in a crucial position. To understand it better, imagine letter X, that is formed by joints in the upper knee area. Anterior cruciate ligament blocks the whole flexibility of the knee and it can also bring excrutiating pain. Anterior cruciate ligament is sometimes called ACL, as in abbreviation. Anterior cruciate ligament forms in the lowest thigh bone, that is close to upper part the knee.

The main symptom of anterior ligament` injury is the partial or whole instability of the knee joint. If it is not treated in time, the injured joint can develop arthritis, localized in this area. Another symptom of anterior cruciate ligament is swelling of the joint, that appears in the matter of seconds after the injury. In such case the indicator for disease is reddish skin around the ill area. Other anterior cruciate ligament symptoms of the injury is the unmistakable feeling that the knee is broken. Another anterior ligament injury symptom is the lack of usual blood that always appears if a person fell hard on the knee. The reason for that is that all blood diminishes if anterior ligament is injured.

Anterior cruciate ligament injury

Anterior cruciate ligament pain can be quite severe in the first moments after the injury.Only in the USA 100 000 of anterior ligament are recorded annualy. Anterior ligament injuries usually happen during sport games. All athletes and sportsmen are under the risk of anterior ligament, as the injury that provokes ACL usually happens when doing some intense physical activity. The most dangerous and severe sports that can result in knee injury are cutting and pivoting sports. Such sports are football, soccer, hockey and basketball. In most cases, the whole reconctruction of anterior ligament is required. The damage that is done to the knee can sometimes be incurable.

During the surgery of anterior ligament injury doctors usually use autograft. Autograft is the tissue of the patient, that is extracted from his or her body to reconstruct one part of the injured knee.Anterior ligament surgery can be conducted in several ways. There are such types of surgery as:

  1. anterior ligament repair.During this surgery the patient`s ligament in replaced in the knee. In such case the tissue from patient`s or donor`s body can be used.
  2. anterior ligament surgery that involves the repairing of an injury, known mostly as “the terrible riad”. In this case all parts of the knee are teared and the anterior cruciate ligament repair must be done immediately.

During anterior ligament repair the patient can also be required to apply cold compresses on his knee and also to take drugs to alleviate the pain.

Stages of treatment for anterior ligament injury

When the injury happened, the most important thing to do is to provide relief for the injured knee and to diminish pain in the cruciate ligament. Secondly, the reduction of joint swelling must be performed by all means, otherwise there is a risk that knee won`t be cured completely. After that, the activity of the lower human limb must be restored. Once the damage has been found, it is necessary to protect and preserve the injured foot from unnecessary movements. Otherwise, it can cause additional damage to the knee and the pain, that has been relieved, can appear again. It is better not to move or move only with the special help of nurses and doctors.

During the teatment it is is essential to ensure peace for the patient`s limbs. Sometimes the accumulated fluid can appear in the knee after the medical surgery and in that case it must be removed.Follow-up treatment can include a massage and physical therapy options. The doctor may prescribe therapeutic exercises, that will help patient recover more quickly. In most recent cases, the sportsmen can return to their work after 5-6 months of gradual therapy. sportsmen can be advised to undertake specially designed exercises. These specially designed exercises are created to increase muscle strength and their endurance. If the treatment is succesfull, the knee will not lose its ability to move in any direction.

Rehabilitation after injury in the knee joint

Rehabilitation after treatment of ligament injuries of the knee is divided into two types:

  1. Rehabilitation after treatment without surgical exposure
  2. Postoperative recovery.If the injury is not very serious, the recovery will take no more than three to four months. Sometimes, it is necessary to apply cold compresseson the knee and to carry out physical therapy. The therapy will remove the swelling and alleviate thepain.

These exercises`s objective is to develop motor capabilities of the knee and restore the full mobility of the knee ligaments. Exercising helps to strengthen the muscles that make the knee more stable. During the treatment the patient needs to wear a special knee bandage.

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