Obesity (overweight) — Medical Weight Loss: treatment in the Best Hospitals of Germany

MIC Hospital Berlin

location_onGermany, Berlin

Department of General and Abdominal Surgery, Hernia Surgery, Bariatric Surgery and Colorectal Surgery

The Department of General and Abdominal Surgery, Hernia Surgery, Bariatric Surgery and Colorectal Surgery provides the full range of services in the areas of its specialization. The key focus of the department's clinical practice is performing surgical procedures for gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). The department performs a large number of interventions to implant the LINX Reflux Management System in patients with GERD. It is this modern operation that is the most effective and least traumatic method of treating the pathology. The department also successfully performs operations to treat diseases of the gallbladder, thyroid gland, rectum, anus, and abdominal adhesions. The surgical options of the medical facility are complemented by hernia repair and morbid obesity treatment. All interventions are performed using minimally invasive techniques in specially equipped, high-tech operating rooms. The department was one of the first highly specialized medical facilities to start practicing minimally invasive surgery, and today it boasts 25 years of experience in this field. The department's specialists perform more than 7,000 operations every year, achieving excellent treatment outcomes. At the same time, patients are guaranteed the highest safety of surgical treatment.

Clinic Limberger

location_onGermany, Bad Duerrheim

Department for Obesity Treatment

The Department for Obesity Treatment offers effective programs for people with morbid obesity, which is associated with numerous health risks and may lead to a reduction in life expectancy and a decrease in its quality. The weight loss programs are provided both on an inpatient and outpatient basis. These are based on the following three main principles: nutrition correction, physical activity, and the rejection of negative behavioral habits (the development of self-discipline and self-confidence). Standard treatment programs include counseling, a comprehensive medical check-up, a customized exercise program, a customized nutrition plan, psychological group therapy, and other weight loss measures. In complex cases, the department's patients are recommended for a bariatric intervention, for example, intragastric balloon placement or gastric banding. The department's patients are treated in close cooperation with colleagues from the specialized Obesity Center Süd-West at the Schwarzwald-Baar Hospital. At every stage of the patient's struggle for a slim and healthy body, he receives the necessary support and psychological assistance, which is also an integral part of a successful therapeutic process.

Hospital Nordwest Frankfurt am Main

location_onGermany, Frankfurt am Main

Department of Obesity Treatment and Bariatric Surgery

The Department of Obesity Treatment and Bariatric Surgery offers the full range of services in the area of its specialization. The department's medical team can boast long experience, and also has at its disposal advanced obesity treatment methods. Upon admission to the department, the patient undergoes a comprehensive diagnostic examination, since excess weight can cause the development of many diseases, including diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular pathologies, musculoskeletal diseases, as well as psychological disorders. After receiving the diagnostic data, the attending physician invites the patient for an individual consultation, during which he agrees with him the desired final result and elaborates an individual treatment regimen. The department's specialists strive to help the patient get rid of extra pounds using conservative methods and lifestyle modifications, but in especially complex cases they still resort to surgical treatment.

Buchinger Wilhelmi Lake Constance Clinic Überlingen

location_onGermany, Überlingen

Department of Nutritional Medicine and Integrated Medicine

The Department of Nutritional Medicine and Integrated Medicine offers the effective treatment based on the Buchinger fasting method. Therapeutic fasting is prescribed individually, taking into account all the smallest details, in order to eliminate the feeling of strong hunger and ensure the optimal result. The basic therapeutic method is complemented by physiotherapy, massages, balneotherapy, herbal medicine, psychotherapy, methods of alternative medicine (homeopathy, Chinese medicine and Ayurveda), as well as psychosomatic forms of therapy. The treatment course in the department starts from two weeks. Three- or four-week treatment courses are also offered.

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