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Spinal Astrocytoma — Surgical treatment of Astrocytoma in Hildesheim - Germany

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Helios Hospital Hildesheim
Germany, Hildesheim

Helios Hospital Hildesheim

Overall rating 9.5 / 10

Department of Spinal Surgery

The Department of Spinal Surgery offers modern surgery for the treatment of the full range of spinal diseases and injuries. The department's competence also includes pain therapy for chronic back pain. The patients with spinal injuries receive high-quality emergency care. The department annually admits more than 1,500 inpatients and about 6,000 outpatients. The department's specialists use in their work sparing minimally invasive surgical techniques that allow achieving an excellent treatment outcome and at the same time significantly reduce the period of postoperative recovery. The operating rooms have advanced equipment and modern neuromonitoring systems that ensure high safety of the surgical treatment. The department's surgeons have unique clinical experience, thanks to which they achieve recovery of patients even in specially complex spinal pathologies and injuries.

Rafael de la Riva
Dr. med.Rafael de la Riva
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