Academic Hospital Hildesheim

Hildesheim, Germany

About us Academic Hospital Hildesheim

The HELIOS Hospital Hildesheim is a specialized medical institution and an Academic Teaching Hospital of Hannover Medical School with a capacity of 566 beds. The hospital offers both comprehensive and interdisciplinary patient care, especially in the certified centers, such as Breast Center, Colon Cancer Center, Skin Cancer Center, Hand Trauma Center, Chest Pain Unit and Perinatal Center. The hospital is staffed by 1,200 employees who annually treat over 25,000 inpatients and 80,000 outpatients.

The hospital is an efficiently designed facility with a modern, appealing architecture. The newly constructed building in the east of the city of Hildesheim opened as recently as 2011. The hospital works in close collaboration with HELIOS Lung Hospital Diekholzen, a specialist hospital for pneumology, sleep and respiratory medicine, and HELIOS Hospital Bad Salzdetfurth, a specialist hospital for medical rehabilitation.

Over its more-than-one-hundred-year history, the HELIOS Hospital Hildesheim (founded in 1895) has established itself as a leading medical and health care provider for the city and its surroundings. With the latest diagnosis and therapy options, state-of-the-art medical equipment and many years of experience, the physicians of the hospital make every effort to ensure that you receive the highest level of care.

About the city

Hildesheim is a large independent city in Lower Saxony with a population of more than 100,000 inhabitants. The history of the city begins with the foundation of the Bishopric of Hildesheim in 815. Thanks to its long history, the city can offer its guests several well-preserved historical monuments, primarily the Hildesheim Cathedral, the St. Michael's Church, as well as a number of other important churches and city buildings. There are regularly held numerous cultural events and projects.

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