Rehabilitation Clinic Benedictus Krankenhaus Feldafing

Department of Orthopedic Rehabilitation (323916)

Steffen Mayer-Schlagintweit


Steffen Mayer-Schlagintweit

Specialized in: orthopedic rehabilitation

About the department

The Department of Orthopedic Rehabilitation at rehabilitation clinic Benedictus Krankenhaus Feldafing provides high-quality rehabilitation programs after orthopedic surgeries(for example, after arthroplasty of joints). In cooperation with the Center for Orthopedic Surgery in Munich, the Department offers comprehensive therapeutic programs which consist of several treatment stages harmoniously connected with each other. The Department is headed by Dr. Steffen Mayer-Schlagintweit.

The rehabilitation program has at its disposal a large number of individual therapeutic procedures which allow to achieve successful and accelerated mobilization of patients. Together with therapists of the clinic, you will be training daily and controlling your progress. The Department has only 38 beds at its disposal and, thus, it is characterized by an individual and friendly service with a family atmosphere. You will get to know and get acquainted with all the staff of the rehabilitation team really quickly.

The purpose of orthopedic rehabilitation is primarily to return the patient to his/her usual professional, social and family environment as soon as possible. When choosing a treatment method, the following must be taken into account: careful and planned joint and muscle training, improvement of joint mobility, training of weakened muscles, treatment of hardened muscles, optimization of posture, swelling removal of the hands and feet, exercising to achieve relaxing and strengthening of musculoskeletal system under the supervision of the physiotherapist.

The spectrum of orthopedic rehabilitation services includes:

  • Treatment of wounds
  • Physiotherapy
  • Pain therapy
  • Diagnosis and therapy of arthropathy
  • Diagnosis and treatment of systemic diseases of connective tissue
  • Diagnosis and treatment of spine and back deformities
  • Diagnosis and therapy of spondylopathy
  • Diagnosis and therapy of other diseases of the spine and back
  • Diagnosis and treatment of muscle diseases
  • Diagnosis and treatment of the synovial system and tendons diseases
  • Diagnosis and treatment of other soft tissue diseases
  • Diagnosis and therapy of osteopathy and chondropathy
  • Diagnosis and treatment of other diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue


Department of Orthopedic Rehabilitation.
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