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Rehabilitation Clinic Medical Park Borussia Moenchengladbach

Moenchengladbach, Germany

The Rehabilitation Clinic Medical Park Borussia Moenchengladbach is a highly specialized medical center that focuses on orthopedic rehabilitation for diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system, as well as after operations on bones, joints, and muscles. The healthcare facility also offers rehabilitation programs for professional athletes who want to recover from sports injuries and return to professional sports. The clinic's key focus is the rehabilitation of patients with arthrosis and other degenerative joint diseases, spinal pathologies and injuries, and sports injuries. The clinic offers patients highly effective rehabilitation programs tailored to their individual needs. Rehabilitation treatment is provided on an outpatient basis. Each rehabilitation program includes 15-20 types of therapy. The patient visits the clinic 4 times a week. All therapeutic measures are aimed at restoring mobility and improving quality of life and overall health.

The initial stage of treatment at the Rehabilitation Clinic Medical Park Borussia Moenchengladbach includes an individual consultation followed by an assessment of the function of the musculoskeletal system (balance tests, gait analysis, posture assessment, etc.), the condition of the cardiovascular system, and overall endurance. This approach allows the clinic's rehabilitation therapists to select the optimal set of rehabilitation activities to achieve the best possible results. The clinic uses modern methods of physiotherapy and sports therapy, including classical therapeutic exercises, exercises on professional fitness equipment, manual lymphatic drainage, medical training therapy, workouts on special equipment for balance training, and relaxation techniques. Rehabilitation activities are performed under the strict supervision of experienced specialists. During the treatment process, rehabilitation therapists support and motivate the patient in every possible way.

The Rehabilitation Clinic Medical Park Borussia Moenchengladbach enjoys an excellent reputation in its area of ​​expertise in Germany and far beyond its borders. As soon as patients cross the threshold of the clinic, they immediately feel that they have come to the right place because of the excellent technical resources, modern infrastructure, and highly qualified medical staff, for whom the patient and his health come first.

The rehabilitation complex is certified according to the requirements of DIN ISO 9001:2015, which is a reliable indicator of high-quality medical care in compliance with international standards.

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Department of Orthopedic and Sports Rehabilitation

Stefanie Alberg Dr. med.



You may stay at the hotel of your choice during the outpatient program. Our managers will support you for selecting the best option.


Moenchengladbach is a beautiful city in the west of Germany, in North Rhine-Westphalia. Moenchengladbach has a harmonious mix of old architecture and modern buildings, which gives the city a special charm. Moenchengladbach is a green city with many well-maintained parks and squares and dense forests, so it attracts visitors not only with interesting sights but also with picturesque natural landscapes. The city is famous for its football team, Borussia, a five-time German football champion.

There are many interesting sights in Moenchengladbach, among which the Basilica of St. Vitus, the Kapuzinerplatz with its old market, the Abteiberg Museum, the Abtei City Hall, the Rheydt Castle, and the Wickrath Castle are particularly popular. Football fans should definitely take a tour of the Borussia Park football stadium.

After sightseeing, you can stroll through one of Moenchengladbach's picturesque parks, taste German national cuisine, and enjoy a glass of traditional German beer in one of the city's many cafes, pubs, and restaurants.