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Department of Foot Surgery and Correction (278873)

Cornelius Salich

Dr. med.

Cornelius Salich

Specialized in: surgery, abdominal surgery, foot surgery

Foot diseases often worsen the quality of life. The wearing of shoes or strong loads on feet cause unpleasant and painful sensations. Since walking is restricted and the joy of life is restricted as well. The head of the Department of Foot Surgery at the Schlosspark-Klinik Dr. med. Cornelius Salich committed himself to providing „walking without pain“. The German Foot Surgery Society evaluated his expertise and many years of professional practice as an expert in the field of foot surgery. The treatment focuses of Dr. med. Cornelius Salich are based on surgical foot correction.

The most common foot deformities include the so-called metatarsal deformation:

  • Hallux valgus deformity
    • The most common deformity is traverse platypodia with a curved big toe. Bone growths and inflammations of the periarticular bag together with a modified foot statics cause pains in “pads” and sole.
  • Hallux rigidus
    • This leads to a long-term, permanent, local restriction of movement of foot pads, which are rather painful. There appear bone growths and thus the foot has an incorrect position as well as indentation.
  • Hammer toe
    • Quite often small toes are displaced outwards from the big toe or the big toe is excessively long that leads to the incorrect foot position for a long time. When wearing rigid footwear, there can appear pains, blisters and even open hollow spaces.
  • Tailor’s bunion
    • The tailor’s bunion is a kind of a mirror reflection of the hallux valgus deformity. There can appear a sore spot or swelling on the external edge of the foot. This can be as a single syndrome or together with the hallux valgus deformity.
  • Metatarsal aches – Morton’s neuroma
    • Even if there are no visible alternations, a change of nerve branches (ganglioma) can be a cause of a sudden pain between small toes.
  • Haglund’s syndrome
    • If it is Haglund’s syndrome, a heel spur is directed to the Achilles tendon. If you wear rigid footwear, the complications and inflammations of this spur lead to chronic irradiations due to pressing.

The specialists provide individual counseling to the patients. The issues concerning surgery are discussed with due regard to life circumstances, the stage of the disease and the available painful symptoms. 

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