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Department of General and Abdominal Surgery (594902)

Thomas Ehmann

Dr. med.

Thomas Ehmann

Specialized in: general and abdominal surgery

About the department

The Department of General and Abdominal Surgery at the St. Josef Hospital Haan offers all the options of modern surgical treatment in this field. Medical care for patients is carried out both on an inpatient and outpatient basis. The department's surgeons have a perfect command of the classic and sparing minimally invasive techniques, thanks to which they successfully cope with pathologies of varying severity. All interventions are performed in high-tech operating rooms, in accordance with the protocols of professional societies and the highest hygiene standards. The department is headed by Dr. med. Thomas Ehmann.

The main areas of specialization include endocrine surgery (operations on the thyroid and parathyroid glands), hernia repair, reconstructive surgery of the anterior abdominal wall (Ramirez technique), colorectal surgery, proctology, minimally invasive surgery, skin and soft tissue surgery in benign and malignant diseases. Whenever possible, the surgeons try to avoid open surgical interventions and prefer the minimally invasive ones, which are characterized by a low risk of hemorrhage and rapid postoperative recovery.

The department's surgeons have vast experience in the surgical treatment of hernias. They mostly have to deal with the treatment of inguinal hernias. Depending on the location and size of the hernia, as well as on the age of the patient and previous operations, the doctor selects the optimal surgical technique for hernia repair in a particular patient. During the intervention, the doctors use special meshes made of hypoallergenic material. Hernia repair by means of a mesh can significantly increase the strength of the anterior abdominal wall and reduce the risk of hernia recurrence. The operation can be both laparoscopic and open. Postoperative hernias can be treated using the Ramirez technique, through an open incision. In some clinical cases, the doctors can eliminate incisional hernias using conservative techniques.

Colorectal surgery is also among the department's priority focuses. The surgeons of this field treat benign and malignant diseases of the colon and rectum. One of the most common diagnoses is diverticulitis. The pathology can be treated using drugs, but in recurrent inflammatory processes, in the formation of a fistula or in the development of chronic intestinal stenosis, the patient requires surgical treatment. As a rule, such operations are performed using laparoscopic technique. Also, the competence of experts in this field includes colorectal cancer treatment. The appropriate surgical technique is selected depending on the stage of the cancer and the patient’s condition. To maintain the high quality of life for patients after surgery, the doctors use special equipment to maximally preserve sphincter muscles. The interventions to treat colorectal cancer can also be performed using laparoscopic techniques.

An equally important field of the department's activities is proctology. In this field, the doctors treat such disorders as hemorrhoids, anal fissures, fistulas, anal tumors, rectal prolapse, etc. In many cases, conservative measures are enough in order to cure the disease completely, but still some clinical cases require surgical intervention.

The department's range of medical services includes: 

  • Endocrine surgery
    • Thyroid surgery
    • Parathyroid surgery
  • Open and laparoscopic hernia repair, including reconstructive surgery according to the Ramirez technique
    • Inguinal hernias
    • Incisional hernias
  • Colorectal surgery
    • Diverticulitis
    • Colorectal cancer
  • Treatment of ascites using implantation of a special alpha pump (innovative technique)
  • Proctology
    • Hemorrhoids
    • Anal fissures
    • Anal fistulas
    • Anal tumors
    • Rectal prolapse
  • Minimally invasive surgery
    • Cholecystectomy
    • Appendectomy
    • Colorectal interventions
  • Interventions on the skin and soft tissues in malignant and benign lesions
  • Other surgical options

Photo of the doctor: (c) St. Josef Krankenhaus Haan 

Department of General and Abdominal Surgery.
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