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Department of Adult and Pediatric Otolaryngology (114165)

Heidi Olze

Prof. Dr. med.

Heidi Olze

Specialized in: adult and pediatric otolaryngology

About the Department of Adult and Pediatric Otolaryngology at Charite University Hospital Berlin

The Department of Adult and Pediatric Otolaryngology at the Charite University Hospital Berlin offers all modern diagnostic and therapeutic services in the field of its specialization. The priority fields of the department's work include ear surgery, including cochlear implantation and the implantation of hearing aids, otolaryngological surgical oncology, paranasal sinus surgery, plastic surgery, laser surgery, salivary gland surgery and pediatric otolaryngology. The service range is also complemented by allergology. The department began its work back in 1893, and therefore it has exceptional experience in the treatment, including complex clinical cases, as well as long traditions of high quality medical care for patients. The department is headed by Prof. Dr. med. Heidi Olze.

The department annually treats more than 40,000 patients, as well as performs about 3,500 surgical interventions and more than 140 cochlear implantations. These indicators speak for themselves and confirm the department’s prestigious status within the country and at the international level.

An important component of the successful clinical practice is interdisciplinary collaboration with experts from the related disciplines. For example, the therapeutic process often involves doctors specializing in neurosurgery, robotic surgery, cancer surgery, maxillofacial surgery, etc. The surgical treatment is provided in four ultramodern operating rooms, including outpatient operating rooms. Each clinical case is considered individually, after which doctors develop an optimal treatment regimen using reliable classic and innovative techniques.

The service range of the department includes:

  • Diagnostics and treatment of hearing impairment and hearing loss
    • Drug therapy in acute hearing impairments
    • Surgery to improve hearing 
    • Surgical treatment using hearing implants
      • Cochlear implantation
      • Electro-acoustic stimulation (using Hybrid N7, Sonnet EAS, Naida CI Q90 EAS systems)
      • Auditory brainstem implants
      • Middle ear implants (for example, Vibrant Soundbridge, Carina)
      • Bone conduction implants (for example, BONEBRIDGE, BAHA, Ponto)
  • Diagnostics and treatment of allergic reactions
    • Diagnostics
      • Endoscopic examination of the nasal cavity
      • Smell test
      • Rhinomanometry for the objectivization of the feeling of nasal congestion
      • Allergy tests: skin tests (for example, prick test, intradermal test)
      • Nasal and oral provocation tests
    • Therapy
      • Hyposensitization for the treatment of allergies (subcutaneous, sublingual, oral)
      • IgE antibody treatment in severe asthma and severe nasal polyposis
      • Functional endoscopic surgery of the nose and paranasal sinuses
      • Nasal septum straightening (septoplasty)
      • Nasal concha reduction (laser, radiofrequency techniques)
  • Middle ear surgery in hearing impairments
    • Diagnostics
      • Subjective hearing tests (for example, tonal audiometry, speech audiometry)
      • Objective hearing tests (for example, impedancemetry, brain-stem audiometry)
      • Imaging tests (for example, CT, MRI)
    • Therapy
      • Drug therapy (in acute hearing loss, for example, sudden hearing loss or acute middle ear infection)
      • Sanitation and operations for hearing improvement (in chronic middle ear diseases, such as ventilation or cholesteatoma)
      • Surgical interventions to install hearing implants
  • Diagnostics and treatment of head and neck tumors (in collaboration with the Comprehensive Cancer Center Charite)
  • Diagnostics and treatment of pediatric otolaryngological diseases
    • Tonsil resection (adenotomy)
    • Removal of palatine tonsils (tonsillectomy, also laser one)
    • Laser procedures in recurrent nosebleeds
    • Removal of lymph nodes, tissue sampling for examination, resection of fistulas, neck cysts
    • Plastic surgery: otoplasty, correction of missing auricles or auditory canals
    • Treatment of rare diseases (for example, lymphangiomas, hemangiomas) using conservative methods or sclerotherapy / ultrasound-guided laser
    • Diagnostics and treatment of otolaryngological tumors (benign and malignant)
    • Emergency treatment of acute inflammations and their complications
    • Extraction of foreign bodies from the ear canal, nose, throat or respiratory tract
    • Installation of hearing aids and cochlear implantation
  • Diagnostics and treatment of diseases of the nasal and paranasal sinuses (focus on acute and chronic inflammation of the nasal mucosa and paranasal sinuses, nasal polyps)
    • Conservative therapy
    • Endoscopic and microscopic interventions
    • CT-guided surgical interventions
    • Cortisone therapy in olfactory disorders
  • Plastic surgery
    • Diagnostics before plastic surgery
      • Detailed medical history and endoscopic examinations
      • Subjective and objective assessment of olfactory function
      • Imaging examinations
      • Allergy diagnostics
    • Therapy
      • Closure of the nose, face and ear defects
      • Treatment of ear, nose and throat fractures after accidents
      • Surgical treatment of facial paralysis
      • Aesthetic surgery (nose, auricle reshaping, eyelid lift)
  • Diagnostics and treatment of salivary gland diseases
    • Inflammation (sialadenitis)
    • Salivary gland stones (sialolithiasis)
    • Tumors
    • Autoimmune diseases
  • Diagnostics and treatment of diseases of the cervical soft tissues 
    • Swollen lymph nodes
    • Malignant changes in the lymph nodes
      • Diagnostics: ultrasound, CT, MRI, PET-CT, biopsy
  • Diagnostics and treatment of snoring, obstructive sleep apnea syndrome
    • Basic sleep diagnostics (outpatient polygraphy)
    • Laser surgery
    • Radiofrequency therapy
    • Classical surgical procedures under general anesthesia
    • Hypoglossal nerve stimulation
  • Diagnostics and treatment of tinnitus (ringing in the ears)
    • Chronic tinnitus
    • Psychosomatic decompensation due to tinnitus
    • Tinnitus caused by hearing impairments
    • Hyperacusis 
    • Tinnitus caused by Meniere's disease
    • Ringing in the ears accompanied by dizziness
  • Other medical services

Curriculum vitae of Prof. Dr. med. Heidi Olze


  • 1992 Study of Medicine at the Humboldt University of Berlin.

Professional Сareer

  • 1992 - 1998 Assistant Physician in the Department of Adult and Pediatric Otolaryngology at the Charite University Hospital Berlin.
  • 1999 Medical Specialist in Otolaryngology.
  • 2002 Senior Physician, Department of Adult and Pediatric Otolaryngology at the Charite University Hospital Berlin, Campus Mitte and Virchow.
  • 2003 Leading Senior Physician and Deputy Head of the Department of Adult and Pediatric Otolaryngology at the Charite University Hospital Berlin, Campus Virchow.
  • Since 10.2003 Head of the Department of Adult and Pediatric Otolaryngology at the Charite University Hospital Berlin, Campus Virchow.
  • Since 2010 Head of the Department of Adult and Pediatric Otolaryngology at the Charite University Hospital Berlin, Campus Mitte and Virchow.

Academic Achievements

  • 1996 Doctoral thesis defense with honors (Dr. med.). Subject: "Researches on the improvement of alloplastic tracheal replacement using epithelialized graft".
  • 2006 Habilitation in Otolaryngology and Venia legendi, Charite University Hospital Berlin. Subject: "Cytokines, chemokines, and chemokine receptors in chronic rhinosinusitis".
  • 2012 Appointment as Extraordinary Professor.

Professional Specialization and Additional Qualifications

  • 2007 Additional qualification in Plastic Surgery.
  • 2008 Additional qualification in Allergology.
  • Permission to train medical students in Otolaryngology, Plastic Surgery and Allergology.
  • 2011 Additional qualifications: Healthcare Quality Management and Medical Pedagogy.

Awards and Honors

  • Bronze Medal Award, "Expression of cytokines in allergic and non-allergic nasal polyps".
  • 2000 IX World Congress of the International Rhinologic Society, American Rhinologic Society and Mayo Clinic, "The Nose 2000 and beyond", Washington, USA.

Memberships in Scientific Societies (selected)

  • German Society of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery.
  • Chairman of the Council of the Working Group on Clinical Immunology, Allergology and Environmental Medicine (DGHNO).
  • Board Member of the Otolaryngological Society of Berlin.
  • European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI).
  • Global Allergy and Asthma European Network, GA2LEN.
  • German Society of Cochlear Implantation.

Research Focuses

  • Sanitation, microsurgery for hearing improvement and hearing implants (cochlear implant, middle ear implants, bone conduction hearing devices).
  • Nose and paranasal sinus endoscopic microsurgery, if necessary, using navigation systems.
  • Plastic and aesthetic facial surgery.
  • Otolaryngology (conservative and surgical therapy).
  • Skull base and orbital interdisciplinary surgery.
  • Surgery for snoring and sleep apnea syndrome.
  • Treatment of otolaryngological tumors.

Research Focuses

  • Cochlear implantation.
  • Treatment of inner ear diseases.
  • Nasal polyps.
  • Allergology.

Photo of the doctor: (c) Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin 

Department of Adult and Pediatric Otolaryngology.
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