Charite University Hospital Berlin

Department of Cardiology and Angiology (26110)

Karl Stangl

Prof. Dr. med.

Karl Stangl

Specialized in: cardiology, angiology

About the department

The Department of Cardiology and Angiology at the University Hospital Charite treats patients with cardiac and angiological diseases. Located at the Campus Charite Mitte, the department provides functional diagnosis services, cardiac catheterization, electrophysiology, sleep medicine and telemedicine. At the moment, the Acting Director of the Department is Prof. Dr. med. Karl Stangl.

The cardiac procedures performed in the department are mainly aimed at improving blood pumping in case of heart failure, neurostimulation for relieving intractable angina and improving the heart pumping function via biventricular stimulation (CRT) in cases of heart failure.

The angiological procedures include, amongst others, the diagnosis and treatment of common vascular diseases (i.e. diseases of veins, lymphatic vessels and arteries), circulatory disorders and high blood pressure. In particular, the Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory provides the comprehensive diagnosis and treatment in the field of coronary angiography (imaging of the coronary arteries), i.e., percutaneous aortic valve replacement, percutaneous mitral valve repair, percutaneous pulmonary valve replacement, renal ablation and atrial appendage closure.

According to the Focus magazine rating of 2017, the Department of Cardiology and Angiology at the University Hospital Charite ranks among the top German departments specializing in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases!

Department of Cardiology and Angiology.
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