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Department of General Pediatrics, Pediatric Hematology, Oncology and Neuropediatrics (289939)

Jan-Henning Klusmann

Prof. Dr. med.

Jan-Henning Klusmann

Specialized in: general pediatrics, pediatric hematology, oncology, neuropediatrics

About the department

The Department of General Pediatrics, Pediatric Hematology, Oncology and Neuropediatrics at the University Hospital Halle (Saale) offers the full range of services in these medical fields. The experienced doctors work with young patients, many of them have earned an excellent reputation not only in Germany, but also abroad. The clinical practice involves the use of modern and effective treatments, including stem cell transplantation. Thus, the department belongs to the leading medical facilities of this kind in Germany and provides children with the first-class treatment of various pathologies, taking into account the peculiarities of a growing child's organism. The department is headed by Prof. Dr. med. Jan-Henning Klusmann.

The department's doctors provide treatment for children of all age groups, ranging from newborns to adolescents. In the field of general pediatrics, there is admission in various fields, such as gastroenterology, nutritional and metabolic disorders, diabetology, endocrinology, neuropediatrics, rheumatology and infectology. All fields are represented by a specialized team of experts with relevant qualifications. It is worth noting that the department received a prestigious certificate, which testifies to the outstanding medical care of children with diabetes mellitus.

One of the top priorities of the department’s work is the treatment of oncopathologies and blood disorders in children. In collaboration with the Department of Hematology and Oncology, the interdisciplinary medical care is also provided for adolescents and young people with cancer under the age of 25 years (specialized CAYA Unit). The classical therapeutic range is complemented by the autologous and allogeneic stem cell transplantation.

Since cancer treatment takes a lot of time and entails enormous stress in the child, the department arranges various entertaining activities, which allow to immerse young patients in a positive atmosphere. For example, a team of clowns comes to the department with an interesting performance every week. There is also offered music therapy once a week. The children of school age are offered the inpatient education in basic subjects of the primary and secondary school.

The department's neuropediatricians specialize in the treatment of children and adolescents with acute and chronic diseases of the peripheral and central nervous system, neuromuscular diseases, headaches and seizures. The diagnostic range includes electroencephalography in the state of sleep and wakefulness (with video recording, if necessary), nerve conduction velocity measurement, electromyography (in collaboration with the Department of Neurology) and other modern examinations. The children suffering from cerebral palsy and spasticity are offered Botulinum toxin therapy. Neurodermal diseases in children (tuberous sclerosis, neurofibromatosis) are diagnosed and treated in collaboration with the specialized departments. The competent psychologists often work with the children during the treatment course, which favorably affects the treatment outcome.

The main clinical focuses of the department include:

  • General pediatrics
    • Diagnostics and treatment of gastrointestinal diseases
    • Diagnostics and treatment of eating and metabolism disorders
    • Diagnostics and treatment of diabetes mellitus
    • Diagnostics and treatment of endocrine diseases
    • Diagnostics and treatment of inflammatory diseases
    • Diagnostics and treatment of infectious diseases
  • Oncology and hematology, including hemostaseology
    • Diagnostics and treatment of cancers
    • Diagnostics and treatment of malignant and benign blood diseases
    • Diagnostics and treatment of blood-clotting disorders (hemophilia A, hemophilia B, von Willebrand disease, factor VII deficiency, thrombocytopathy, etc.)
    • Diagnostics and treatment of hemoglobinopathies (including thalassemia, sickle cell anemia)
    • Stem cell transplantation (autologous and allogeneic)
  • Neuropediatrics
    • Acute and chronic diseases of the peripheral and central nervous system
    • Neuromuscular diseases
    • Headaches
    • Epileptic seizures
    • Infantile cerebral palsy
    • Spasticity
    • Neurodermal diseases (tuberous sclerosis, neurofibromatosis)
  • Other diseases, diagnostic and therapeutic options

Curriculum vitae

Prof. Dr. med. Jan-Henning Klusmann holds the position of the Head of the Department of General Pediatrics, Pediatric Hematology, Oncology and Neuropediatrics at the University Hospital Halle (Saale). From 2000 to 2007, Prof. Klusmann studied Human Medicine as a scholar of the Student Foundation of the German People at the University of Lübeck and graduated with honors. In 2014, Dr. Klusmann had his board certification in Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine. The subject of his thesis was "Myeloid leukemia in children with Down syndrome: the molecular basis of oncogenesis". The doctor worked on it at the Boston Children's Hospital, Academic Teaching Hospital of the Harvard Medical School. In 2015, he received Venia legendi.

His research focuses include the study of a wide variety of leukemias, especially in infants and children with Down syndrome (trisomy 21). The clinical focuses cover the diagnostics and treatment of acute lymphoid and myeloid leukemias, including bone marrow transplantation. Before his work at the University Hospital Halle (Saale), Dr. Klusmann held the position of a Senior Physician in the Department of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology at the Hannover Medical School, and also headed the Diagnostic Laboratory there. This department is one of the largest centers of pediatric hematology and oncology in Germany.

Prof. Klusmann has received many awards for his innovative research activities, for example, ASH Outstanding Abstract Achievement Awards 2012 of the American Society of Hematology, Kind Philipp Prize of the Society of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology.

Photo of the doctor: (c) Universitätsklinikum Halle (Saale)

Department of General Pediatrics, Pediatric Hematology, Oncology and Neuropediatrics.
University Hospital Halle (Saale):

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