University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf

Hamburg, Germany

Department of Nephrology, Rheumatology, Endocrinology and Kidney Transplantation (Medical Department III)

Tobias B. Huber

Prof. Dr. med.

Tobias B. Huber

Specialized in: nephrology, rheumatology, endocrinology

The Medical Department III (Nephrology, Rheumatology, Endocrinology and Kidney Transplantation) at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf mainly deals with the treatment of patients with kidney diseases, rheumatic diseases as well as metabolic and hormonal disorders. The Department is headed by Prof. Dr. Tobias B. Huber, specialist in internal medicine and nephrology. The Department also has a unique experience in the treatment of kidney diseases (e.g. hypertension and diabetes) as well as inflammatory kidney diseases. Furthermore, there is used an effective system for dialysis. 

The Medical Department III under the direction of Prof. Dr. Tobias B. Huber provides pre- and postoperative medical care for patients after the kidney transplant. Through the cooperation with the Departments of Hepatobiliary Surgery and Transplantation of the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf there are performed combined kidney and pancreas transplants or kidney and liver transplants. 

A special clinical and scientific focus of the Medical Department III is treatment of glomerulonephritis. The patients with nephrotic and nephritic dorms of glomerulonephritis can receive medical care in the outpatient clinics of the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf. 

The range of services of the Medical Department III at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf under the direction of Prof. Dr. Tobias B. Huber includes:

  • Diagnosis and treatment of kidney diseases (including acute kidney failure, chronic failure, end-stage kidney disease and congenital kidney diseases)
  • Diagnosis and treatment of hypertension
  • Medical care for patients before and after transplantation
  • Diagnosis and treatment of rheumatic diseases
  • Diagnosis and treatment of endocrine disorders, nutritional and metabolic disorders (including obesity and thyroid diseases).

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