University Hospital Oldenburg

Department of Neuropediatrics and Congenital Metabolic Diseases (364578)

Christoph Korenke

Prof. Dr. med.

Christoph Korenke

Specialized in: neuropediatrics, congenital metabolic disorders

About the department

The Department of Neuropediatrics and Congenital Metabolic Diseases at the University Hospital Oldenburg offers a full range of services in the corresponding  areas of medicine. The department specializes in the diagnostics and treatment of all forms of nervous system diseases as well as congenital metabolic disorders. The department annually treats more than 1,000 inpatients and 2,800 outpatients. Chief Physician of the department is Prof. Dr. med. Christoph Korenke.

The department carries out a number of effective diagnostic studies that allow the most accurate detection of abnormalities in the work of the nervous system. Electroencephalography is one of the most important diagnostic methods in the field of pediatric neurology. This study is assigned to virtually all patients of the department. With the help of this painless, non-invasive method, bioelectric activity of the brain is recorded. During the EEG, it is also possible to record other parameters, such as cardiac activity, breathing, or oxygen saturation. The department annually holds more than 3,000 EEG procedures.

If there are suspicions of nerve diseases, specialists of the department conduct the study of evoked potentials, which is aimed at evaluating the electrical activity of the brain that arises in response to the action of any stimulus (sound, visual, sensory). In addition, when suspecting the diseases of the motor and sensory nerves, studies of nerve conduction are performed. Also, sonography or a biopsy of muscle tissue is used for diagnosis of muscular diseases. 

The department provides diagnostics and treatment of such clinical pictures:

  • Diseases of the brain (e.g. epilepsy)
  • Headache and migraines
  • All forms of developmental disorders and abnormalities in the child's mental development
  • Residual syndromes (e.g., cerebral palsy)
  • Inflammatory and neurodegenerative diseases of the brain
  • Congenital malformations of the brain and genetically determined developmental delays
  • Craniocerebral trauma
  • Tumors of the brain, diseases of the muscles and peripheral nervous system
  • Congenital metabolic diseases
  • Many other diseases

Department of Neuropediatrics and Congenital Metabolic Diseases.
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