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Department of Clinical Genetics (364657)

Peter Steuernage

Dr. med.

Peter Steuernage

Specialized in: clinical genetics

About the Department of Clinical Genetics at University Hospital Oldenburg

The Department of Clinical Genetics at the University Hospital Oldenburg offers the full range of services in this area of medicine. Genetic counseling is carried out here on all possible genetic problems of a human. A cytogenetic laboratory is functioning at the department where prenatal and postnatal chromosome analyzes and molecular-cytogenetic studies of all suitable materials are conducted to clarify many issues. The chief physician of the department is Dr. med. Peter Steuernagel. 

Great attention is paid to the genetic consultations. Such consultations are carried out for the families who plan on having a baby and worry about the hereditary illnesses or genetic risks. Genetic consultations are offered both for the couples and for one of the partners in the next cases:

  • One of the parents suffers a hereditary disease or suspects its presence
  • A baby was already born with the hereditary disease or there is a risk of developing the disease in the future
  • Presence of hereditary diseases in close relatives and risk of their transfer
  • Family relationship with a partner
  • The presence of more than two unexplained miscarriages
  • Radiation therapy or taking drugs that modify genetic material before and after pregnancy
  • Questions about prenatal genetic studies
  • Questions on studies of imminent or already inherited diseases
  • The couple plans to use artificial insemination

The department offers a wide range of studies that are conducted in the own cytogenetic laboratory of the department. The main ones are:

  • Prenatal chromosomal tests:                 
    • Amniotic fluid
    • Chorionic vorsin
    • Cord blood
  • Chromosomal tests:
    • Chromosomal blood test
    • Skin or tendon biopsy
    • Chromosome analysis of abortion tissue
  • Molecular-cytogenetic test
    • Fluorescent in situ hybridization or FISH (combines molecular genetic and cytogenetic methods)

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Department of Clinical Genetics.
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