Diagnosis of partial anomalous pulmonary venous connection (TAPVC) (program ID: 361534)

University Hospital Oldenburg

location_on Oldenburg, Germany
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Specialized hospital
Oliver Dewald

Head Physician
Prof. Dr. med.

Oliver Dewald

Specialized in: cardiac surgery

Department of Cardiac Surgery

Program includes:

  • Initial presentation in the clinic
  • clinical history taking
  • review of medical records
  • physical examination
  • laboratory tests:
    • complete blood count
    • biochemical analysis of blood
    • inflammation indicators (CRP, ESR)
    • indicators of blood coagulation
    • blood gas analysis
  • chest x-ray examination
  • Holter monitoring (24h)
  • measurement of arterial blood pressure
  • electrocardiogram (ECG)
  • pulmonary function test
  • echocardiography
  • doppler echocardiography
  • high-resolution computed tomography (HR-CT)/MRI (on indication 950/1200€)
  • CT angiography (on indication 1300€)
  • nursing services
  • consultation of related specialists
  • treatment by chief physician and all leading experts
  • explanation of individual treatment plan
    (the cost of medicines is not included)
Type of program :
Expected duration of the program:

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About the department

According to the Focus magazine, the Department of Cardiac Surgery at the University Hospital Oldenburg ranks among the top German medical facilities specializing in the surgical treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system! 

The department offers the full range of services in this ​​medical field. Many heart surgeries are performed using minimally invasive technique, which has a positive effect on the healing of an operative wound. The patient also experiences less pain and the hospitalization period is significantly reduced. Thanks to long experience of doctors and modern equipment, the department provides excellent results in the treatment of heart pathologies. The department is headed by Prof. Dr. med. Oliver Dewald.

The department's surgeons have excellent qualifications in the field of surgical treatment of heart valve diseases. In most cases, either total or partial removal of the affected valve with the implantation of a biological or synthetic artificial valve is required. The department also specializes in reconstructive surgery, in which surgeons set themselves the purpose to preserve the patient's own heart valve. If the patient needs either heart valve reconstruction or replacement, the department's experienced doctors consider each clinical case individually and select the optimal surgical technique.

The department's specialists also have rich experience in the treatment of heart rhythm disturbances. When diagnosing and treating pathologies of this spectrum, there is maintained close cooperation with cardiologists and experts in electrophysiology. The surgical treatment of arrhythmias includes such options as the implantation of a pacemaker, event recorder, defibrillator. In this field, the department's cardiac surgeons perform about 800 - 1000 interventions annually, which indicates the high professionalism and treatment success.

The department's range of medical services includes:

  • Coronary artery bypass grafting 
    • With or without the use of a heart-lung machine 
    • Minimally invasive bypass grafting
    • Comprehensive bypass grafting
  • Treatment of valvular heart diseases
    • Reconstructive surgery
    • Implantation of mechanical prostheses
    • Implantation of biological prostheses
    • Aortic root replacement
  • Aortic surgery 
    • Ascending aorta surgery
    • Aortic arch surgery
    • Descending aorta surgery
    • Abdominal aorta surgery
  • Peripheral artery surgery
    • Carotid artery surgery 
    • Operations on the iliac vessels 
    • Operations on the femoral vessels 
  • Surgery for congenital and acquired heart defects 
    • Atrial septal defect 
    • Ventricular septal defect 
    • Left ventricular aneurysm 
  • Surgical oncology 
    • Removal of heart tumors 
    • Surgery for tumors of the adjacent organs (in cooperation with the relevant departments) 
  • Surgery for heart rhythm disorders 
    • 1, 2 and 3-chamber pacemakers and defibrillators 
    • Implantation of a device for recording heart rhythm disturbances 
    • Atrial ablation
  • Surgical treatment of heart failure 
    • Implantation of devices for auxiliary blood circulation
    • Implantation of an artificial heart
  • Surgical treatment of pulmonary insufficiency 
    • Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) 
  • Other surgical services

Curriculum vitae


  • 1992 - 1999 Study of Human Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine of Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich.
  • 11.11.1999 PhD thesis defense (summa cum laude), Department of Cardiac Surgery, University Hospital of Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Campus Grosshadern. Subject: "Platelet activation in patients with mechanical circulatory support."
  • 26.11.2008 Habilitation and Venia legendi for Cardiac Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, University of Bonn. Subject: "A study of the role of chemokines in tissue remodeling based on a mouse heart model with coronary heart disease."
  • Since 2003 Adjunct Visiting Professor, Department of Cardiac Surgery, School of Medicine, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas, USA.
  • Since April 2016 Extraordinary Professor at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Bonn.

Professional Career

  • 06.1999 - 11.2000 Internship in the Department of Cardiac Surgery, University Hospital Bonn.
  • 01.12.2000 Admission to medical practice.
  • 12.2000 - 05.2001 and 06.2003 - 10.2008 Assistant Physician in the Department of Cardiac Surgery, University Hospital Bonn.
  • 15.10.2008 Bard certification in Cardiac Surgery.
  • 11.2008 - 04.2013 Acting Chief Physician of the Department of Cardiac Surgery, University Hospital Bonn.
  • 17.03.2013 Certificate on Surgery of Congenital Heart Diseases of the German Society for Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery (DGTHG).
  • 05.2013 Senior Physician of the Department of Cardiac Surgery at the University Hospital Bonn.
  • 2013 Certificate on Didactics in Medicine of the State Academy of Medical Education.
  • 21.03.2014 Certificate on the Implantation of Pacemakers, Defibrillators and Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy of the German Society for Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery (DGTHG).
  • Since 07.2015 Head of the Section of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery at the University Hospital Bonn.
  • Since 2019 Chief Physician of the Department of Cardiac Surgery at the University Hospital Oldenburg.

Prizes and Honors

  • 2002 Young Investigator Award, European Society for Cardiology, Berlin.
  • 2004 Ernst Derra Prize of the German Society for Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, Hamburg.
  • 2016 Scientific Prize of the Ulrich Karsten Fund and German Society for Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, Leipzig.

Memberships in Professional Societies

  • German Society for Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery.
  • German Society for Pediatric Cardiology (Member of the Treatment Guideline Commission).
  • German Society of Cardiology.
  • European Association for Cardiothoracic Surgery.
  • American Heart Association.

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