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Department of Neurology with intensive therapy unit for acute cerebral circulation disorders (332378)

Bruno-Marcel Mackert

Prof. Dr.

Bruno-Marcel Mackert

Specialized in: neurology

About the department

The Department of Neurology at the Vivantes Auguste-Viktoria Hospital treats the whole spectrum of acute and chronic neurological diseases. Here are treated patients with multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, spine and discs problems, diseases of the peripheral nervous system, in particular polyneuropathy or myasthenia gravis whereby the transmission of nerve impulses to muscles is disrupted. A special area of the department is treatment of patients with stroke in a special stroke block. The head of the department is Prof. Dr. Bruno-Marcel Mackert.

The special intensive therapy unit for patients with acute disorders of cerebral circulation, certified by the German Society for the Treatment of Stroke (DSG), offers 8  monitoring locations. Thus, it is one of the largest centers of this kind in Berlin. A medical team of doctors with specialization in Neurology, Cardiology, Vascular Surgery and Radiology, as well as specially trained nursing staff in physiotherapy, ergotherapy, speech therapy take care of patients' health and provide the whole range of medical care - from emergency therapy and early rehabilitation to social adaptation services.

Directions of the department are:

  • Stroke
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Diseases of the spine and intervertebral discs
  • Polyneuropathies and diseases of nerve roots
  • Myasthenia gravis
  • Epilepsy
  • Parkinson's disease
  • Dementive conditions
  • Headache
  • Oncological diseases

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Department of Neurology with intensive therapy unit for acute cerebral circulation disorders.
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