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Department of Obstetrics (357439)

Dietmar Schlembach

PD Dr. med.

Dietmar Schlembach

Specialized in: obstetrics

The Department of Obstetrics at the Vivantes Neukölln Hospital offers the full range of top-class services in this field. As the Level I Perinatal Center, the department specializes in managing all types of pregnancy, including high-risk pregnancies. In addition, highly qualified medical care is offered here for premature newborns (from the 23rd week of pregnancy) and infants with congenital diseases. The department is headed by PD Dr. med. Dietmar Schlembach.

The medical team of the department consists of experienced specialists in prenatal diagnostics, obstetrics, pediatrics, pediatric and neonatal surgery. The department observes the highest standards of medical safety. Doctors work with the most advanced technical equipment, which ensures safety and high-quality medical care.

An important specialization of the department is premature delivery. The department takes part in the research activities of the authoritative European research organizations. Consequently, it offers an international experience in early detection and treatment of any growth disorders of an unborn baby, that is, in the womb. In addition, there is an advanced experience in the monitoring of pregnancy in women with hypertension, placental disorders, which helps avoid a premature birth.

Naturally, the department specializes in delivery, as well as provides medical care before and after the delivery.

The department has seven birth rooms, designed for various kinds of delivery, for example, a room with a maternity chair, a room with a special bath for delivery, rooms with different maternity beds, etc. Each delivery room is equipped with a cardiotocography system for recording the heart rate of the fetus and the tone of the uterus. 

To provide natural delivery with minimal pain, alternative and classical methods of pain relief are offered, for example, acupuncture, aromatherapy, homeopathy, relaxing baths, epidural anesthesia, spinal anesthesia and others.

After the delivery, the baby constantly stays with their mother (Rooming-In). A specially trained nursing staff provides all kinds of assistance. Even in the case of preterm labor, the mother and child can stay together. In the first days after childbirth, mothers are provided with lactation specialists who help them to learn breastfeeding.

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