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Academic Urological Clinic Dortmund

As an Academic Hospital of the University of Münster, the Urological Clinic Dortmund offers first-class medical care, corresponding to the achievements of modern medicine. The clinic was founded back in 1907, therefore it has a tremendous clinical experience, a long history and rich traditions, to which remains true up to now.

The main areas of activities include urologic oncology, endourology, laparoscopy, treatment of urinary incontinence, kidney and bladder stones, treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia, erectile dysfunction, infertility, as well as pediatric urology, etc.

Treatment of the most common urological pathologies is provided within the framework of specialized, certified centers: PRO DO Prostate Cancer Center, interdisciplinary ONKO DO Oncology Center, as well as in the innovative KONTINENZ DO Continence Center.

The team of highly qualified specialists of the clinic applies the very latest methods of conservative and surgical treatment, provides the entire range of medical services in the field of urology, with the exception of kidney transplantation. The basis of all activities of the medical team is high competence, introduction of new technologies and focus on the patient with their individual needs and wishes.

According to the prestigious FOCUS magazine, the Academic Urological Clinic Dortmund is included in the rating of top medical facilities in Germany in 2018.

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Patients rooms

The patients of the clinic live in modern, comfortable rooms. Each room is equipped with an ensuite bathroom. The room is furnished with a comfortable bed, a bedside table, a locker for storing personal belongings, a TV, a radio and a telephone. There is also a nurse call system.

Meals and Menus

The restaurant of the clinic offers patients a varied, healthy nutrition, including a diet menu. It mainly presents Mediterranean dishes with a large number of vegetables, fresh herbs, useful oils and a minimum amount of meat. In addition, the clinic has a cafeteria, which serves delicious dishes, desserts and a variety of drinks.

Further details

Standard rooms include:





About the city

Dortmund is one of the largest cities in Germany, located in the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia, in the Ruhr area.

To date, Dortmund is a vibrant city with modern industry and developed infrastructure. It combines unique industrial monuments and monuments of antiquity. Almost half of the city's territory consists of ponds and green parks, such as Westfalenpark and Rombergpark, so the city offers a wonderful rest in the surrounding nature – idyllic meadows, shady parks, lakes, sports complexes and stadiums, concert halls and museums. A warm and welcoming atmosphere always prevails in the city.

In addition, it is one of the oldest brewing centers in Europe, which traditions date back to the 13th century. There is even an appropriate museum where one can taste unique beers. Also, Dortmund houses many other attractions: the Old Market, the Town Hall, ancient temples, for example, the St. Peter’s Church, the St. Reinold Church, and the huge sports stadium, which is the largest one in Europe.


Academic Urological Clinic Dortmund:

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