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Avrupa Sac Ekimi Clinic Istanbul

Avrupa Sac Ekimi Clinic Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey

The Avrupa Sac Ekimi Clinic Istanbul is one of the leading highly specialized medical facilities in Turkey, where the patient is guaranteed to receive the optimal solution to problems with hair loss of any severity. The clinic started its work in 2006 and has the status of one of the pioneers in the field of hair transplantation nationwide. The doctors of the clinic specialize in hair transplantation using FUE and micro FUE techniques, which are now recognized all over the world and ensure the best results in the survival rate of the transplanted hair follicles. Since the opening of the medical complex, surgeons have performed more than 20,000 successful hair transplantations, which contributes to the authority of the clinic in its field both in the national and international medical arena. Not every clinic has such a rich and exceptional experience.

The clinic has won over 30 international and national honorary awards for outstanding achievements in the field of hair transplantation using FUE and micro FUE techniques. In addition, the medical complex is certified in accordance with the standards of the Joint Commission International (JCI) and the Turkish Medical Association. All awards indicate the excellent quality of medical service and high treatment success rates.

In addition, the patients will appreciate the professional attitude of the medical team to their work – surgeons perform only 2 procedures a day, so the clinic does not have a "conveyor". The operations are performed with high quality, and each patient receives maximum attention.

The clinic is chosen by patients not only from Turkey, but also from other countries of the world, including the USA, European and Arab countries. Thousands of patients have been convinced of the quality of services provided by the clinic and are happy to look in the mirror, enjoying beautiful thick hair.

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Department of Hair Transplantation

Mehmet Guclu Dr. med.



During an outpatient program, the patient can stay at the hotel on the territory of the clinic or at the hotel of his choice. Our managers will help you choose the most suitable option.


Istanbul is a beautiful ancient city, which fascinates and makes everybody wish to come back here more than once. The megapolis is known as a bridge between Europe and Asia, which contributes to the harmonious fusion of Eastern and Western cultures. Since it was the capital of Byzantium for 1000 years and the center of the Ottoman Empire for 700 years, the city has preserved many historical sights, which immerse everyone into the atmosphere of old times. Nevertheless, the modern part of Istanbul will remind the tourist that this is a modern metropolis with many industrial centers, huge malls, the widest choice of luxury hotels, restaurants and a vibrant nightlife.

The first place in the tourist route is usually the famous Sultanahmet Square, which houses the most important sights of Istanbul. The main decoration of the square is two magnificent shrines – the Blue Mosque and the Hagia Sophia. The Topkapi Palace is another place in Istanbul that all tourists want to visit. For centuries, the most influential people, including emperors, lived in this palace. Made in Ottoman style, the palace is still exciting and interesting to many tourists. The Basilica Cistern, Galata Tower, Dolmabahçe Palace, Süleymaniye Mosque, Grand Bazaar and other attractions are also very popular.

While in Istanbul, one should definitely visit Istiklal Avenue, as it is one of the most famous streets in this beautiful city. This pedestrian street starts at Taksim Square and ends at Galata. It seems that it never sleeps: people of different nationalities walk here all the time, a historic red tram (the only allowed transport on the street) runs here, music sounds and life boils. On Istiklal Avenue, one can see a mixture of European and Asian: majestic mosques can be neighbors to fashionable shops, as well as cheap cafes to expensive luxury nightclubs.

It is impossible to miss the fact that Turkish cuisine is one of the three best cuisines in the world. Therefore, the guests of the city are strongly advised to taste delicious meat dishes with vegetables and spices, seafood dishes, desserts, among which the famous baklava takes the first place, as well as to drink strong black tea or aromatic Turkish coffee. Istanbul has many restaurants for every budget – from street stalls and democratic cafes to luxurious restaurants with an unusual author's serving and impressive design.