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Treatment of Rare Eyelashes

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Eyelash implants to eyelids area in order to restore eyelashes
General therapeutic rehabilitation
The Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital Istanbul is an advanced multidisciplinary medical center that began its clinical practice in 2018. It is part of the world famous Memorial Healthcare Group. The hospital was designed in accordance with the very latest standards of modern architecture with the aim of providing top-class m
The Suzermed Clinic Istanbul is one of the leading highly specialized medical facilities in Turkey for hair transplantation. The clinic operates on the basis of the large hospital Acibadem Altunizade in Istanbul. The clinic successfully performs FUE and DHI hair transplantation, hair follicle transplantation without prior shavin
The Adem and Havva Medical Center Istanbul positions itself as the leading medical facility in Turkey in the field of hair transplantation, plastic surgery and dentistry. The clinic is widely known outside Turkey and annually admits for treatment patients from more than 45 countries. The medical center has over 15 years of clini
ClinicHair Izmir

ClinicHair Izmir

Overall rating8.6 / 10
The ClinicHair Izmir was founded in 2001 and has been continuously practicing since then. The center is a top-class clinic in the area of its specialization. It employs 25 qualified professionals with over 19 years of experience. Thanks to modern equipment and long clinical experience of the team, the clinic admits for treatment
The Avrupa Sac Ekimi Clinic Istanbul is one of the leading highly specialized medical facilities in Turkey, where the patient is guaranteed to receive the optimal solution to problems with hair loss of any severity. The clinic started its work in 2006 and has the status of one of the pioneers in the field of hair transplantation
The Transes Hair Transplant Center Istanbul has the status of top-class medical facility, which offers all the very latest treatment methods for hair loss (alopecia) of varying severity. The center was founded in 2007 and since then its prestige in Turkey and abroad has been growing constantly. The clinic operates on the basis o
Liv Hospital Istanbul

Liv Hospital Istanbul

Overall rating8.9 / 10
The Liv Hospital Istanbul is one of the leading multidisciplinary medical facilities in Turkey, where the patient is provided with the highest quality medical service, a responsive care and a pleasant, friendly atmosphere. The hospital was founded in 2013 and soon received one of the most prestigious international quality certif
The Samitivej Hospital Bangkok is a leading provider of medical services of the international level. The hospital has its campuses in various regions of Bangkok. The Samitivej Sukhuvmit Hospital has the status of the main and most respected medical facility. The accreditation of the Joint Commission International (JCI) is the ev
The TravelMEDI Clinic Istanbul is a progressive highly specialized medical facility with a focus on hair transplantation. This is one of the best clinics in Turkey and internationally. The clinic is oriented on foreign patients and is the only medical center in Turkey with the MTQUA (Medical Travel Quality Alliance) certificate
The SALUSS Hair Transplantation Clinic Antalya is one of the leading providers of high-quality services in the beauty industry in Turkey. The clinic's specialization covers hair transplantation using innovative FUE and DHI technologies, plastic surgery and dentistry. The medical complex has been successfully operating for mo
The Dr. Ziya Yavuz Hair Transplant Clinic Istanbul is a medical facility specializing in the treatment of alopecia and hair loss. It has state-of-the-art infrastructure and effective methods for the restoration of hair beauty. The clinic is part of the largest Acibadem Healthcare Group. All procedures are performed personally by
The specialization of the Wish Clinic & Beauty Istanbul includes such medical fields as plastic surgery, liposuction, hair transplantation, as well as aesthetic medicine services. The clinic has been continuously operating for over 10 years. Due to the long experience of the specialists, who attend regular advanced training
Rami Hospital Istanbul

Rami Hospital Istanbul

Overall rating9.8 / 10
The Rami Hospital Istanbul has the status of one of the best and most progressive medical facilities in Turkey. The foundation of the hospital dates back to 1998, but originally it was named the Bayrampasa Private Hospital. Over time, the medical facility has gone through extensive restoration works. It was also equipped with st
The Okan University Hospital Istanbul is a famous multidisciplinary medical complex in Turkey, leading its successful clinical practice on the basis of the university with the same name. The hospital began its work in 2016 and during this short time won the primacy in the national medical arena. The hospital was built according
The Vita Estetic Clinic Istanbul is a specialized hair transplantation center, which work has been awarded the JCI (Joint Commission International) international certificate for the excellent quality of medical services. The highly qualified specialists with many years of experience provide treatment, restorative procedures and
The Istanbul Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center is a modern medical facility, which specializes in plastic aesthetic interventions, hair transplantation, and also provides high-quality dental services. The medical center has an excellent reputation both in Turkey and internationally. The excellent quality of the medical service is
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About the disease

Rare eyelashes is a condition, whereby person's growth of eyelashes is slow or when there is insufficient amount of eyelashes. Very often such condition is programmed by genetic predisposition. In certain genetic mutations, a person can even grow two rows of eyelashes and have them in unusual form, whereas in other cases the growth of eyelashes can be suppressed. Eyelashes can stop growing as actively as they used to with age. Then, they can become rare. In this case the grows of hair on eyebrows can become rare as well. Rare eyelashes can also be caused by previous burns and traumas to the eyelid.

Some people are also genetically programmed to have rare, not thick eyelashes, simply due to genes passed to them from their parents. In such case, this is not a genetic mutation and then a person just needs to undergo several cosmetic procedures in order to have thicker and longer eyelashes. There are also several ways to boost the growth of eyelashes as well and to prevent them from falling out frequently. In some cases, eyelashes can fall out due to allergic reaction to certain cosmetic products and also due to bad use of make-up. Forgetting to remove the mascara before going to sleep or constantly using it 7 days per week can cause the eyelashes to become rarer and also to fall out quicker than usual. In this case a person just needs to undergo conservative treatment which consists of applying special vitamins or oils on the eyelashes in order to boost their growth. In case condition of rare eyelashes is caused by genetic predisposition or genetic mutation,  person needs to undergo simple cosmetic procedures to have beautiful and long eyelashes.


  • Rare eyelashes
  • Eyelashes fall out more quickly than usual
  • Eyelashes grow inwards or in different directions
  • Growth of hair on eye brows can be weak as well
  • Parents of a person have rare eyelashes as well
  • Allergic reaction to certain cosmetic products, which can manifest itself in excessive tearing, redness and itching


  • During a general examination, cosmetologist will ask a patient about his/her family history and then examine the eyes for the signs of any allergic reactions. Then cosmetologist will inquire about the cosmetic products a person uses, such as brands of mascara, highlighters and eyeliners. A cosmetologist will also ask a person about the frequency of using make-up and also of proper removing of make-up.


  • Eyelash implants is a cosmetic surgery, whereby the hair is taken from the scalp and then implanted in the eyelids. A person usually needs 25 to 50 news hair on each of the eyelids. The recovery time after the procedure is approximately three days, which allows the hair on the eyelids to start functioning normally. The procedure itself lasts approximately 2 hours. After the procedure, the hair on the eyelashes will grow as a normal hair and a person will need to trim it once a month. Thus, a person will be able to regulate the size of eyelashes on his/her own.

Authors: Dr. Vadim ZhiliukDr. Sergey Pashchenko