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Suzermed Clinic Istanbul

Suzermed Clinic Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey

The Suzermed Clinic Istanbul is one of the leading highly specialized medical facilities in Turkey for hair transplantation. The clinic operates on the basis of the large hospital Acibadem Altunizade in Istanbul. The clinic successfully performs FUE and DHI hair transplantation, hair follicle transplantation without prior shaving, as well as PRP therapy to activate hair growth. The experienced doctors of the clinic admit both men and women for treatment. Over 13 years of successful clinical practice, the clinic's medical team has performed more than 5,000 hair transplant procedures. The specialists of the medical complex guarantee their patients the excellent results of hair engraftment and growth.

The highest quality of medical care in the clinic is confirmed by the prestigious Joint Commission International (JCI) certificate and ISO international certificate.

The patient of the clinic will benefit not only from an effective solution to problems with hair loss of varying severity, but also from an excellent infrastructure. The clinic offers comfortable recreation areas where patients and their relatives can spend their time. The health facility also has a modern interior, the creation of which involved the use of exclusively natural materials and pleasant colors.

Thus, the clinic has at its disposal all the resources to satisfy the wishes of even the most demanding patients. The concept of the medical center is to provide the highest quality medical services combined with the maximum safety and comfort of each patient.

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Department of Hair Transplantation

Fatih Ozturk Dr. med.



During an outpatient program, the patient can stay at the hotel of his choice. Our managers will help you choose the most suitable option.


Located on the shores of the Bosphorus, the majestic city of Istanbul is a diamond of Turkey, which combines the culture of the West and the East, various religions and traditions, as well as architectural masterpieces that attract millions of tourists.

The first step is to go to the Old City. The main square of Istanbul called Sultanahmet will welcome the guests of the city with the magnificent Blue Mosque. 20 thousand tiles, 6 minarets, 400 years of history – all this is the Blue Mosque. Across the street from the Blue Mosque is the equally impressive Hagia Sophia Cathedral. This was an Orthodox church earlier, but later minarets appeared and the cathedral turned into a mosque, after which the Hagia Sophia received the status of a museum of the "golden" age of Byzantium. In 2020, Hagia Sophia again acquired the status of a mosque.

The connoisseurs of beautiful cityscapes can climb the famous Galata Tower to view Istanbul from a height of 61 meters above the ground. Also, the Topkapi Palace is especially popular among tourists. Here one can see an amazing collection of jewelry, Christian and Muslim relics. It was within the walls of this palace that an amazing and beautiful love story of Sultan Suleiman and his concubine Roksolana took place.

A visit to the Basilica Cistern, a unique ancient underground reservoir, will be a wonderful adventure as well. The vaults of the reservoir are supported by 336 columns brought from different ancient temples.

It is also definitely worth seeing the Grand Bazaar, which is a huge covered market with the history that began before America was discovered. The Grand Bazaar offers more than 60 shopping streets, 4,500 shops, 2,195 ateliers, 18 fountains, 12 mosques, 12 warehouses, a school, a bathhouse, a cafe and an innumerable amount of magnificent exotic goods.

After exploring the many attractions of Istanbul, one can also have a rest on the beach in the warm season. The Princes' Islands located outside the city are ideal for this. The islands have good sandy beaches and a well-developed tourist infrastructure.