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Buchinger Wilhelmi Lake Constance Clinic Überlingen

Überlingen, Germany

The Buchinger Wilhelmi Lake Constance Clinic is a modern family clinic specializing in fasting, nutrition and integrative medicine, the goal of which is to provide holistic health care and patient’s personal development. Located in the landscape park over Lake Constance, the clinic was founded in July 1953 by an outstanding doctor Otto Buchinger, who is the developer of a unique therapeutic fasting method. Today, the third generation of his family continues to successfully apply and develop the knowledge that has been transmitted from previous generations, using modern scientific methods. The clinical practice is based on a therapeutic fasting according to Buchinger – a comprehensive method, which combines traditional fasting methods with integrative medicine in order to improve patient’s physical well-being and inner harmony in the long term.

The clinic treats more than 6,000 patients every year and each of them receives an individual medical care aimed at restoring physical and spiritual balance. At the global level, the clinic is recognized as one of the best in the field of its specialization. It was also awarded with many prestigious certificates, for example, DIN EN ISO 9001, DAEM and others.

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Patients rooms

During the treatment program, the patients of the Buchinger Wilhelmi Lake Constance Clinic live in the comfortable, spacious rooms of a five-star hotel level. Most of the rooms have balconies, which offer beautiful views of Lake Constance and the Alps. All rooms are designed in modern, elegant style. A standard room includes a king-size bed, an ensuite bathroom with a shower and toilet, a wardrobe, a table with a desk lamp and a chair, armchairs, air conditioning. Each patient daily receives herbal tea in the room. The carefully prepared clothes and a bed warmed by heaters are waiting for the patient by the quiet time. All employees of the clinic make every effort to ensure the best possible relaxation for the patients.

In addition, the clinic has an excellent infrastructure. There is everything you need for a pleasant stay on its territory: a swimming pool, a fitness center, a tennis court, a sauna, a restaurant, a bar, a beauty salon and a hairdresser, meditation rooms, a cooking school.

Meals and Menus

The patients of the clinic are offered nutrition according to the therapeutic fasting according to Buchinger. Basically, the diet includes fruits, vegetables, juices, dairy products. The tasty and healthy organic cuisine is provided for the patients who, according to clinical indications or according to their own convictions, cannot starve. It is exclusively vegetarian cuisine. Only fresh, 100% organic origin ingredients are used for cooking.

Further details

Standard rooms include:



Überlingen is one of the oldest and most beautiful German cities on Lake Constance. It is the only resort in Southern Germany, which specializes in Kneipp hydrotherapy and is recognized as one of the best in this field by the German Spa Association.

Guests will be fascinated not only with the beauty of local landscape and picturesque views of the lake, but also with the historical past of the city, which was once a major South German center of winemaking and grain trade. The city center charms with old houses, powerful fortress walls and towers, exquisite fountains, atmospheric streets with half-timbered houses housing cozy cafes and shops.

In summer, the guests of the city can have a good time on the beach or stroll through the botanical garden, which is located right behind the high medieval walls of the city. There is a great variety of flowers, trees and exotic plants. In addition, one should definitely walk on one of the longest embankments along the lake, take a boat ride to the neighboring towns. Should you want to plunge into a medieval tale again, then you can take a ride in an excursion carriage drawn by two horses.

Überlingen also offers many sights for tourists, the main ones of which include the St. Nicholas Monastery Church, the Silvestkerkapelle chapel in the Goldbach district, the Renaissance Town Hall decorated with wood-carved figures of various Holy Roman Empire classes, and the Reichlin von Meldegscher House Museum (the oldest German Renaissance building).