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Markus Granrath
Dr. med.Markus Granrath

Department of Orthopedics

Markus Granrath
Dr. med.Markus Granrath

The Department of Orthopedics provides the full range of medical services in the areas of ​its ​specialization. The medical facility specializes in the prevention, diagnostics and treatment of all musculoskeletal diseases. The department's diagnostic options include ultrasound examination, digital X-ray, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, 3D spine and posture analysis, and gait analysis. When treating orthopedic diseases, the department's doctors use both conservative techniques and surgical interventions with the focus on minimally invasive operations to avoid severe trauma to healthy tissues. In addition, the department offers the very latest methods of biological therapy (molecular orthopedics), which allow achieving excellent results in the treatment of arthritis, rheumatic joint injuries, inflammatory and degenerative processes in the joints and spine. Biological therapy is a modern alternative to the surgical treatment of the above mentioned pathologies, when conservative therapeutic procedures do not give the desired result. The work of the specialists of the medical facility is based on an individual approach to each patient, therefore, during the development of a treatment regimen, doctors always take into account the particular clinical indicators of the patient. The department's medical team makes every effort to provide the patient with high-quality and maximally sparing treatment, after which he will forget about pain and movement restrictions.

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