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Clinic of Advanced Biological Medicine Frankfurt am Main

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

The Clinic of Advanced Biological Medicine Frankfurt am Main is a unique medical facility with rich and successful experience in the application of integrative medical methods for the treatment of cancer and chronic diseases. For over 40 years, a competent interdisciplinary team of doctors has been combining traditional medicine with effective alternative types of biological therapy and naturopathy. The cutting-edge technologies in combination with scientifically proven methods of complementary medicine form new promising approaches to treatment.

In the course of treatment, the specialists of the clinic set themselves the goal of strengthening the immune system, maintaining or improving the quality of life of patients with chronic diseases, minimizing the side effects of drug therapy, increasing the chances of recovery and increasing life expectancy due to the use of effective treatment methods.

STEM CELL TREATMENT of Optic Nerve Atrophy

According to the diagnostics and individual clinical indications, each patient receives an optimal treatment regimen, which combines the most effective therapeutic methods for a particular clinical case.

The essence of advanced medicine is based on 7 fundamental principles.

The advanced medicine uses reliable and time-proven methods. It detects weak points of the organism. The holistic approach is crucial here. In addition, advanced medicine combines the methods of alternative and traditional medicine. This practice includes seven basic principles of treatment, which are based on the monitoring, as well as the examination of the patient's body and his disease. Advanced medicine involves the use of the very latest scientific methods.

The most important rule: No harm!

The disease can be useful for the human body. The traditional treatments can cure the disease, but quite often they cause opposite effect, for example, suppress the symptoms, but do not eliminate the hidden causes of the disease. With modern treatment methods, the doctors manage to avoid harmful effects on the human body.

Detection of the true origin and its elimination

The disease does not occur without a cause. Therefore, to achieve the complete recovery of the patient, it is necessary to detect and eliminate the main causes of the development of the pathological process. Symptoms are self-expression of the body, they draw attention to the health problem, but quite often they are not the actual cause of the disease. The causes can be of various nature. The doctor examines the main etiological factors in all fields and at all levels, and then develops a therapeutic approach to eliminate the cause of the disease, instead of treating only its symptoms.

The aim is not to treat, but to cure 

The health and disease are opposed conditions of the body, which are in a complex dependence from many factors. The doctor who specializes in advanced medicine, considers all aspects and uses comprehensive treatment. The harmonious interaction of all physical, psychical, emotional and mental aspects is an extremely important factor for a successful recovery.

The doctor will show you the right way

The cooperation between the patient and the doctor is of particular importance during the therapeutic process. The doctor tells the patient how to recover, using his assistance and the possibilities of advanced medicine.


Prevention is the best protection for the body. The main purpose of any medical care is the prevention of diseases. Moreover, the doctor specializing in advanced medicine considers all the peculiarities of the patient's lifestyle and habits. He detects weaknesses by means of analyzing and assessing risk factors caused by certain life circumstances of the patient. The doctor determines the correct and healthy lifestyle for the patient. It is better and safer to preserve health than to lose it and then to fight the disease.

Usу of the healing power of nature

The body has the ability to maintain a healthy state, preserve it and even restore it. The nature treats with its own vitality. The doctor's task is to support this process and eliminate potential barriers, preventing self-regeneration. Of course, in some cases, the doctor must adhere to conventional medicine, for example, if the patient requires a surgical intervention, in the presence of some bacterial infections, etc.

Activation of self-healing

The doctor recommends the patient to take responsibility for his health. He supports, motivates and stimulates self-healing. During the treatment process, symptoms may intensify, these can serve as expression of forces of patient's body, which are aimed at self-healing. Additional treatment methods, which are used in the clinic, contribute to the healing process and thus work synergistically with the methods of classical medicine.

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Department of Alternative Medicine

Gerhard Siebenhüner Dr. med.



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Frankfurt am Main is located almost in the very center of the country, on the banks of the River Main. The city was the financial center of Germany for many centuries. Brokerage houses and large banks are concentrated in Frankfurt. The city also houses the European Central Bank, which determines monetary policy in the countries of the European Union.

The city can boast of impeccable transport infrastructure. For example, Frankfurt Airport is a local attraction. The city is also a major cultural and scientific center. It has many museums, two botanical gardens and one of the largest and the most prestigious universities in Germany – Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt am Main.

Most of the sights in Frankfurt are masterfully recreated replicates, as the city was completely destroyed during the World War II. Along with ancient buildings, the city has many modern sights, museums and exhibitions.

As a rule, the city visitors begin their acquaintance with Frankfurt from Romer Square. The decoration of the square is the old City Hall, which has been a symbol of Frankfurt for six centuries in a row. The City Hall building has stepped roofs and an original facade. Near the City Hall one can see the buildings of the XIV-XV centuries in the Gothic style, while in the very center of the square everyone can admire the Fountain of Justice decorated with an elegant figure of the Goddess of Justice.

The popular sights for tourists are the Main Guardroom, which was built in 1830, as well as the square of the same name where it is located. The building is made in baroque style. As of today, it houses cafes, and in the underground part is a pedestrian zone and many shops.

The main shrine of the city is Frankfurt Cathedral. This is not only the largest, but also the most magnificent cathedral of the city. For centuries, coronations of Kaisers and various imperial celebrations took place here. The cathedral has a museum where one can see the outfits and attributes, which were used during these ceremonies. The rich interior of the cathedral is especially impressive – its paintings, bas-reliefs, openwork stone ornament, lancet windows and other elements of early Gothic.

Most museums are located on Museum Embankment. Such museums as the Senckenberg Museum, the German Architecture Museum, the German Film Museum, the Museum of Applied Arts in Frankfurt and others are very popular.

Frankfurt harmoniously combines modernity and the rich heritage of the past. Each guest of the city will find something for himself here and will be impressed by the grandeur of this city.