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Neurological Rehabilitation Clinic Godeshöhe Bonn

location_onGermany, Bonn
Neurological Rehabilitation Clinic Godeshöhe in Bonn has more than 30 years of experience in the neurological rehabilitation area and it is one of the largest and most competent rehabilitation centers in Germany. The clinic offers a lot of opportunities in the neurological rehabilitation area - inpatient and outpatient, at

University Hospital Bonn

location_onGermany, Bonn
According to the authoritative Focus magazine, the University Hospital Bonn ranks among the top ten medical facilities in Germany! The hospital was opened on January 1, 2001, although in fact it inherits the medical facility, which operated at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Bonn. The hospital in Germany combin

Amount of beds available: 1207
Inpatients yearly: 46760
Outpatients yearly: 396779

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Beta Klinik Bonn

location_onGermany, Bonn
Beta Klinik is a modern hospital which consists of 30 specialized departments. The hospital is equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment of the university level. The operating rooms, an intensive care unit and the rehabilitation center correspond to the highest standards. It also concerns highly qualified physicians of the ho

Amount of beds available: 60
Inpatients yearly: 5680
Outpatients yearly: 15782

Clinic Dr. Brenner Bonn

location_onGermany, Bonn
The Clinic Dr. Brenner in Bonn, Bad Godesberg, is very popular among both German and foreign patients. It offers the full range of medical services for the treatment of skin diseases. Based on the use of high-tech medicine, conservative and holistic methods, the concept of treating skin diseases makes this clinic a unique one in

MediClin Robert Janker Clinic

location_onGermany, Bonn
The MediClin Robert Janker Clinic is a progressive medical facility, which has all the very latest diagnostic and treatment methods for the recovery of health of patients who suffer from cancers. The clinic was founded by renowned radiologist and surgeon Robert Janker. Today, its history has more than 80 years of successful clin

Amount of beds available: 83

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