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About us Neurological Rehabilitation Clinic Godeshöhe Bonn

Neurological Rehabilitation Clinic Godeshöhe in Bonn has more than 30 years of experience in the neurological rehabilitation area and it is one of the largest and most competent rehabilitation centers in Germany.

The clinic offers a lot of opportunities in the neurological rehabilitation area - inpatient and outpatient, at all phases (B, C and D). During the treatment doctors and medical staff of the clinic try to achieve optimal results as soon as possible.

That is why maintaining of high quality standards in the professional training area for all employees and equipping the clinic are the main issues to be taken into consideration. Due to close cooperation with university clinics in Bonn and Cologne, full medical care in all areas is guaranteed. The departments of the clinic work in close cooperation with other structures of the clinic and constantly exchange information among themselves.


About the city

Bonn is a city in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia in western Germany, located on the Rhine River. The population of the city is about 300,000 inhabitants. Bonn was the political center of Germany for half a century. At the same time, Bonn is a city of culture, art and research. The "Museum Mile" in Bonn attracts people who appreciate art and culture from all over the world. Perhaps the most famous inhabitant of Bonn is the brilliant composer Ludwig van Beethoven. The house where he was born is a museum now. The residence of the President and the German Chancellor is in Bonn. The city is also famous for its university, which has a long tradition and interesting history. Bonn University is considered to be one of the recognized educational institutions of Germany. The other attractions of the city are the town hall, which was built in 1737, the castle "Kurfürstlishes Schloss", which is now the main building of the University of Bonn, a monument for Beethoven, various museums and parks, etc.

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