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University Hospital Duesseldorf

location_onGermany, Duesseldorf
According to the authoritative Focus magazine, the University Hospital Duesseldorf ranks among the top Germany hospitals! The hospital is an excellent example of a combination of high-quality health care, research and teaching activities. With more than 50,000 inpatients and about 300,000 outpatients every year, the hospital is

Amount of beds available: 1298
Inpatients yearly: 50000
Outpatients yearly: 300000

Clinic for Molecular Orthopedics Duesseldorf

location_onGermany, Duesseldorf
Clinic for Molecular Orthopedics Duesseldorf is the foremost center of modern orthopedics. The clinic offers the entire spectrum of diagnostics and treatment of traditional orthopedics, neurosurgery and radiology, but primarily specializes in molecular orthopedics - biological treatment of joint and spinal diseases. Thanks to th

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St. Vinzenz Academic Hospital for Orthopedics Duesseldorf

location_onGermany, Duesseldorf
The St. Vinzenz Academic Hospital for Orthopedics Duesseldorf is a modern medical institution of emergency medical care with an international reputation. The hospital operates under the Catholic patronage, therefore long traditions based on Christian principles are honored here. The hospital has 322 beds for the inpatient treatm

Amount of beds available: 322
Inpatients yearly: 18000
Outpatients yearly: 25000

Academic Hospital Marien Duesseldorf

location_onGermany, Duesseldorf
The Academic Hospital Marien Duesseldorf is a state-of-the-art medical facility in the center of Duesseldorf and a recognized research center. The first stone in the foundation of the hospital was laid back in 1864 with the support of the Catholic Church. For all these years, the Christian principles of patient care and support

Amount of beds available: 437
Inpatients yearly: 16528
Outpatients yearly: 40326

Paracelsus Clinic Golzheim Duesseldorf

location_onGermany, Duesseldorf
The Paracelsus Clinic Golzheim Duesseldorf is a progressive medical facility specializing in the diagnostics and treatment of all diseases of the urologic spectrum. The clinic has exceptional competence in the treatment of bladder cancer and occupies a leading position in this area in the national medical arena. With 120 beds fo

Amount of beds available: 120
Inpatients yearly: 4000
Outpatients yearly: 7000

Vascular Surgery Clinic Duesseldorf

location_onGermany, Duesseldorf
The Vascular Surgery Clinic Düsseldorf is the provider of innovative medical services in the field of diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the veins and arteries. The clinic specializes in the use of advanced techniques for the treatment of varicose veins, the most popular of which are the Venefit technology with the use

Klinik am Rhein Duesseldorf

location_onGermany, Duesseldorf
The Klinik am Rhein Duesseldorf was founded in 2003 and during that short time has earned the status of one of the best highly specialized medical facilities in Germany. The main specialization of the clinic is plastic and aesthetic surgery. The key focus is on such operations as breast augmentation, reduction and lift, tummy tu

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