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Costa Rica Bluezone San Jose

Costa Rica Bluezone San Jose

San Jose, Costa Rica

The Costa Rica Bluezone San Jose is a well-known provider of modern therapeutic and aesthetic services in the field of dentistry. While visiting the clinic, the patient feels a friendly and pleasant atmosphere, a respectful attitude of the medical staff of the medical facility. All services are provided by experienced dentists who care about the healthy and beautiful smile of the patients. The comprehensive consultations are an integral part of the clinical activities. During these consultations, the specialists select the optimal treatment plan and discuss it with patients, taking into account their individual needs and wishes.

The competent dentists of the clinic work on state-of-the-art equipment, and also have in their arsenal the very latest dental materials, which is the key to high-quality and long-term treatment result. Naturally, the doctors of the clinic regularly take advanced training courses, exchange experience with colleagues from other Dental Clinics in the country and abroad.

The founders of the clinic strived not only to create a medical facility for the provision of first-class dental services, but also to arrange it in a great place for vacation. When coming here, the patients have the opportunity to combine high-quality medical services with vacation in the colorful city of San Jose and its vicinities.

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Department of Dentistry

Alejandro Sáenz Gutiérrez Dr. med. Dr. med. dent.



During the outpatient program, you can stay at the hotel of your choice. Our managers will help you to choose the most suitable option.


San Jose is the capital and largest city in Costa Rica. The city is located in the Central Valley, in the western province of the country. It is the seat of parliament, the focus of political and economic activity, as well as the main transportation hub. According to the MasterCard Global Destinations Cities Index, San Jose ranks sixth among the most visited cities in Latin America.

San Jose is famous for its rich culture and history, exquisite architecture, vibrant nightlife and friendly locals. It is believed that San Jose is both a traditional city of Central America and a cosmopolitan city, rich in excellent entertainment and attractions.

The city has many museums, art galleries, parks, bars, cafes and restaurants for every taste. Some of the best and most interesting attractions in San Jose include Central Park, Morazan Park, Spanish Park, National Park, Democracy Plaza and Jade Museum. It is definitely worth visiting the Mercado Central Market, where one can buy interesting souvenirs, as well as enjoy the abundance of local delicacies.