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The Meoclinic Hospital Berlin is one of Germany's most renowned multidisciplinary private hospitals offering top-class and patient-centered medical care. The hospital opened its doors to patients back in 2000 and today is deservedly proud of its vast experience. It has 28 specialized departments, each of which is responsible
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Here are the main services that are in great demand among medical tourists:


Prosthodontics in stomatology enables the possibility to substitute a lost tooth or several teeth using an artificial construction. The main types of prosthetics in stomatology include:

  • Dental bridges - they cover the defect of 1-2 teeth in one of the groups(front/chewing), using the teeth that limit the defect as a support.
  • Crowns and tabs - these are complex types of tooth restoration used when there is an intact root and the destruction of the tooth is more than 50%. Modelling and dental impressions extractions are more physiological than the usual restoration of teeth.
  • Partially and completely removable dentures - these are used if a large number of teeth of different groups are absent. This provides for the substitution of all the lost teeth at one time. However, dentures do not have physiological function, since the chewing load is transferred to the mucous membrane of the prosthetic bed.
  • Clasp prosthesis - they have similar indications to partially removable dentures, but they contain a metal arc in their composition known as a "frame", which strengthens them.
  • Soft and "immediate" prosthesis are partially removable dentures that have a soft base, which makes them more comfortable. Tiny balls are used more often instead of clasps for adjusting. “Immediate” prosthesis are used immediately after the removal of the teeth, and very often they are used as temporary structures before installing implants.
  • Prosthetic implants are the most modern prosthetics in stomatology. They are used for "lining" the supragingival part of the implant, mainly - solid-cast structures.


In stomatology implants are one of the most modern, anatomically and physiologically complete replacement types of lost teeth or one tooth. Dental implantation of teeth includes various types of implants. The choice of an implant depends on the state of the oral cavity of the patient. In stomatology implants are made of inert titanium alloys, used in order to avoid the development of allergies. They are brought to the clinic in a sealed package, which is opened only immediately before the implant is fixed in the bone.

Sinus lifting

In some cases, implants can not be installed because of the large size of the maxillary sinuses and the small thickness of the bone. The solution offered by modern stomatology is a sinus lifting, when a part of the sinuses is filled with a special osteotropic material to increase the volume of the bones of the upper jaw. Sinus lifting in stomatology in Germany is performed using minimally invasive surgery, which is a more gentle approach, but it requires a bone thickness of at least 7-8 mm and it is also performed in an open way whereby filling with an osteoplastic filler is carried out through the side wall of the sinus.

Tooth removal

The need to remove the tooth appears when it is impossible to recover, when it can become a cause of a chronic infection or a recurring cyst of the jaw. Surgical teeth stomatology deals with tooth removal. Usually, when teeth are removed in stomatology, general anesthesia is not used as it is enough to anesthetize the bone locally. However, there are cases when general anesthesia is necessary in stomatology. When removing the wisdom tooth, it can be complicated and requires cutting the tooth into separate fragments. This is a complex surgery, the duration of which can take up to 2 hours. In such cases, general anesthesia is required. Experienced dental surgeons in Germany specialize in the removal of teeth of any complexity.


Many patients ask what are veneers in stomatology? This is a kind of aesthetic prosthesis, when the vestibular (buccal and labial) surface of the teeth is fixed with ceramic "shields" shaped exactly like the patient's teeth. In stomatology, veneers help to solve such aesthetic problems as discoloration of the teeth or non-carious lesions on outer surface of the teeth( such as enamel erosion, fluorography or necrosis). Usually veneers are used for the restoration of frontal teeth, located in the "smile zone". To create veneers the most accurate technology, such as the method of computer milling, is used.


In stomatology, crowns are used to cover the supragingival part of the implant or restore the destroyed tooth with an intact root. In stomatology, the crown is sometimes used to protect the supporting tooth under a partial removable denture from the influence  of the clasp. It is also used as a supporting element of the bridge. There are such types of crowns in stomatology:

  • Stamped: with or without gold plating.
  • Stamped with lining.
  • Solid-cast cermets.
  • Temporary (plastic).
  • Metal-free (zirconium).

Treatment of Root Canals

In the world’s best clinics, therapeutic stomatology is highly developed. The treatment of root canals is performed by doctors who are using modern equipment. Often, an individual set of tools is used for processing. This reduces the risk of breaking instruments in the root canal. Doctors also use modern endodontic devices and files (profiles, protypes, U-files). Treatment can be performed under a special optical microscope.

Modern dental clinics in Germany, the United States, Israel and other developed countries function at a high level. There are specialised  dental clinics that focus on pediatric dental clinics, clinics of therapeutic, orthopedic profile, clinics of maxillofacial and plastic surgery and stomatology.

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Authors: Dr. Vadim ZhiliukDr. Sergey Pashchenko