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Dentaglobal Dental Clinic İzmir

Izmir, Turkey

The Dentaglobal Dental Clinic İzmir positions itself as a highly specialized center for the treatment of dental diseases at the highest level of modern dentistry. The doctors of the clinic provide the high-quality treatment and cosmetic dental procedures for patients from all over the world. The ​competence of dentists includes the placement of fixed dentures, dental implants using all-on-6 and all-on-4 technology, veneers and crowns, as well as filling, whitening and orthognathic surgery, cosmetic dentistry. The special feature of the clinic is a lifetime guarantee for implants, a 3-year guarantee for crowns, veneers and bridges, as well as a 2-year guarantee for fixed dentures. The clinic has 6 dental rooms and admits over 1,000 patients annually, while 300 of them are citizens of EU countries.

The clinic also provides a number of innovative procedures, such as sinus lift, placement of ceramic and zirconia crowns, root canal treatment, periodontal surgery, etc. All procedures are performed under anesthesia. In addition to local anesthesia, the specialists use "light sleep" sedation in order to make the treatment as comfortable as possible for the patient. This type of anesthesia is used for dental implants or sinus lift (bone augmentation). The clinical practice involves the use of only advanced equipment and techniques, while the specialists of the medical facility regularly undergo advanced training courses in order to keep up with the times and be able to offer their patients innovative methods of modern dentistry.

The medical team of the clinic consists exclusively of experienced and highly qualified dentists. The specialists individually develop an optimal treatment regimen for each patient, carry out the comprehensive examination of the oral cavity, including CT scanning of one jaw (upper/lower), as well as hold consultations on all issues. The purpose of each employee of the clinic is to provide the patient with the best result and give a snow-white smile, which will bring him joy for many years.

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Department of Dentistry

Şükrü Mert Yüce Dr. med. Dr. dent.



During an outpatient program, the patient can stay at the hotel of his choice. If desired, it is possible to stay in a hotel on the territory of the hospital or in a nearby hotel. Our managers will help you choose the most suitable option.


İzmir is located in western Turkey, on the eastern coast of the Aegean Sea. The city is the second largest port in the country, as well as the administrative center of the İzmir Province, which is located on the shores of the İzmir Bay. Due to its location on the coast, the city is popular among tourists, but people come here not only for the beach holiday. The city is one of the most ancient in Turkey – it houses a huge number of ancient Roman and Greek structures.

İzmir also has the status of the largest business center in the country. It annually hosts the prestigious İzmir International Fair, which is definitely worth visiting for every tourist. Due to a huge variety of restaurants, shops and malls, everyone will find here something to enjoy. The city also has over a dozen diving clubs. Thus, everyone can dive into the underwater world of the Aegean Sea, which will surprise even the most sophisticated travelers with its rocky ledges, crevices, underwater caves and marine life. Not far from the city, there is an underwater park with an exact replica of a 600 BC merchant ship at a depth of 15 meters. The novice divers can undergo preliminary training and instruction at the specialized training centers.

The symbol of İzmir is the Clock Tower, which is located in Konak Square. It also houses the Yala mosque and the State Opera. The most modern district of the city is Karşıyaka. The district is known for its vibrant nightlife, many trendy shops, restaurants and clubs. It is definitely worth visiting the Kemeraltı bazaar, where one can get acquainted with the traditions of trade in the East and feel the amazing atmosphere of this place. Lovers of antiquities should definitely visit the Kadifekale Castle on the Mount Pagos. Inside the castle, one can find cafes, Byzantine underground passages and a panorama of the fortress walls.

İzmir is also famous for its hotels and their variety. The city contains many luxury hotels with the highest level of service, expensive restaurants, luxurious rooms with sea views and fitness centers. Everyone can find a hotel for themselves, as the city has many hotels of various categories, and some of them do not have a "star" classification at all. These include budget hotels, youth hostels and private apartments with a national flavor.