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Dental Clinic Indexmedica Krakow

Krakow, Poland

Since 2006, the Dental Clinic Indexmedica in Kraków (Poland) has been offering a broad range of modern dentistry. The Clinic stands for the highest quality of dental services offering a great team of highly qualified specialists, the up-to-date equipment and the best materials manufactured in Germany, Switzerland, Japan and the United States. The highest treatment quality is confirmed by the certification in accordance with ISO 9001 requirements, which the Clinic has successfully completed in 2008.

In addition to the highest level of dental services, the Clinic Indexmedica places a great deal of attention to patient convenience and a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. Specialists of the Clinic put all their best efforts to ensure that you will receive here the most comfortable and flawless treatment.

Thanks to the certified treatment quality in accordance with the German guidelines, an outstanding medical team, numerous cooperating partners and a number of subsidiaries in European countries, the Dental Clinic Indexmedica enjoys an excellent international reputation and a vast number of satisfied foreign patients from Europe, Australia and the United States.

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Department of Dentistry and Dental Surgery

Andrzej Gala Dr. med. DDS, PhD



Kraków is the second largest city in Poland in terms of population, located on the Wisla-river. It is the historic capital of Poland, which plays nowadays a pivotal role in the economic, academic and cultural life of the country. The city distinguishes itself through a large number of sights particularly interesting from the architectural point of view. That is why is city is also widely known as the “Polish Athens”. One of the most popular tourist attractions is the Royal Road, which encompasses numerous historical buildings of Kraków in all architectural styles.