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Dermatology Clinic Braun-Falco Munich

Dermatology Clinic Braun-Falco Munich

Munich, Germany

The Dermatology Clinic Braun-Falco Munich is a highly specialized medical facility, which has an excellent reputation not only in Germany, but also far beyond its borders. The clinic was opened in 2015 and nowadays holds leading positions in its field of competence in the European medical arena. The medical center specializes in the prevention, diagnostics and treatment of all skin diseases, including rare and especially complex ones. The doctors of the clinic admit patients of various age groups for treatment, from babies to the elderly. All diagnostic and therapeutic measures comply with the requirements of the German Society of Dermatology and are adapted to the individual needs and wishes of the particular patient.

The innovative laser equipment, photodynamic therapy, specific immune treatment methods and other techniques are successfully used in clinical practice to effectively eliminate skin health problems. The examination is carried out in modern diagnostic rooms with advanced imaging equipment. In addition, the clinic has a laboratory for allergy and histological testing. The clinic has at its disposal two modern operating rooms for surgical interventions of varying severity. The operations are mostly performed to remove benign and malignant skin neoplasms. The dermatosurgeons working in the clinic are distinguished by their unique competencies in the field of Mohs micrographic surgery, which is considered one of the most effective procedures in the field of skin cancer treatment.

The medical team of the clinic is competent in carrying out various anti-aging cosmetic procedures, for example, treatment of wrinkles. To achieve the best anti-aging effect, the complex of cosmetic procedures is selected individually for each patient, taking into account the type of the skin, age and other important factors.

The primary purpose of all specialists of the clinic is to provide high-quality medical care. The specialists devote enough time to consulting patients, develop effective treatment regimens according to current clinical protocols, and support patients on their way to recovery. When planning treatment, great attention is paid to the aesthetic aspect, especially in the case of skin neoplasms in the face.

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Department of Adult and Pediatric Dermatology

Markus Braun-Falco Prof. Dr. med.



During the outpatient program, the patient may stay at the hotel. Our managers will help you choose the most suitable option.


Munich is a city on the Isar River in the south of Germany, in the federal state of Bavaria. The city is famous for the hospitality of its residents and numerous Bavarian holidays, which can give visitors a lot of impressions. Just take Oktoberfest alone, which is a large-scale beer festival held every year from late September to early October on the famous Terezin meadow. In addition, Munich is a large industrial and research center with one of the largest European libraries, Ludwig-Maximilian University, Max Planck Institute and other institutions of this kind.

Munich houses numerous attractions. The downtown has preserved three of the seven city gates: Karls, Sendlinger and Isar, built in the XIV century. The city’s oldest church is the St. Peter’s Church, built in the XII century. Its observation deck at an altitude of 91 m offers a magnificent view of Munich.

The very heart of Munich is the Marienplatz Square, near which one can see the "Fish Fountain". Marienplatz houses a New City Hall built by the order of Ludwig I. The central part of this Neo-Gothic building is formed by the 85-meter tower with favorite Munich bell ringing. With a length of about 100 meters, the facade of the New City Hall is decorated with figures and ornaments of the Bavarian dukes, princes, kings, legendary characters and saints. The courtyards are arranged according to the example of the courtyards of the Gothic castles and have a spiral tower staircase and stepped staircases with spacious platforms. Nearby is the Old City Hall, which now houses the Toy Museum, the State Collection of Egyptian Art, the Royal Treasury, the Cuvillies Theater and the Hercules Concert Hall.

Special attention should be paid to Munich museums. The most famous among them are the Munich Glyptothek, the Old and New Pinakothek, the German Museum.