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Diagnostic tests for syringomyelia
 from  1319
Surgical treatment of syringomyelia
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Neurological rehabilitation Phase C
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Hospital Neuwerk Maria von den Aposteln Moenchengladbach

location_onGermany, Moenchengladbach

Department of Spinal Surgery

The Hospital Neuwerk “Maria von den Aposteln”, which is in Mönchengladbach, has over 10 specialized operating departments. Located in the northern part of the city, the Hospital has been a coordination center of the whole region for already many years. The Hospital has 363 comfortable beds for its patients. Due
Diagnostic tests for syringomyelia
1760 help1660
Surgical treatment of syringomyelia
18520 help16220

Catholic Clinic Koblenz-Montabaur

location_onGermany, Koblenz

Department of Spinal Surgery

The Catholic Clinic Koblenz-Montabaur positions itself as a modern medical facility, which provides high-quality diagnostics and treatment in accordance with the international standards. The medical complex is the Academic Hospital of the University Hospital Mainz, which gives patients the opportunity to have access to the most
Diagnostic tests for syringomyelia
Surgical treatment of syringomyelia

Charite University Hospital Berlin

location_onGermany, Berlin

Department of Adult and Pediatric Neurosurgery

According to the authoritative Focus magazine, the Charite University Hospital Berlin occupies the first place in the rating of the top German medical facilities! The hospital is one of the largest and leading university medical complexes in Europe. The hospital in Germany provides modern diagnostics and treatment of patients, a
Diagnostic tests for syringomyelia
Surgical treatment of syringomyelia

Rambam Health Care Campus Haifa

location_onIsrael, Haifa

Department of Orthopedic Surgery

The Rambam Health Care Campus Haifa is the largest and the most progressive hospital in Northern Israel. The medical center was founded in 1938 and nowadays is proud of its long history, rich and successful experience in providing comprehensive medical services in all medical fields. The hospital serves more than 2 million local
Diagnostic tests for syringomyelia
2278 help2038
Surgical treatment of syringomyelia
27135 help24335

Beta Klinik Bonn

location_onGermany, Bonn

Department of Neurosurgery and Interventional Neuroradiology

Beta Klinik is a modern hospital which consists of 30 specialized departments. The hospital is equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment of the university level. The operating rooms, an intensive care unit and the rehabilitation center correspond to the highest standards. It also concerns highly qualified physicians of the ho
Diagnostic tests for syringomyelia
Surgical treatment of syringomyelia

University Hospital Freiburg

location_onGermany, Freibung

Department of Adult and Pediatric Neurosurgery

The University Hospital Freiburg is famous for its rich history and is one of the oldest and most prestigious medical facilities in Germany (one of the three best medical institutions in the country). The hospital was based on the Faculty of Medicine of the Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg, which celebrated its 550th anniver
Diagnostic tests for syringomyelia
Surgical treatment of syringomyelia

Primus Super Speciality Hospital New Delhi

location_onIndia, New Delhi

Department of Adult and Pediatric Spinal Surgery

The Primus Super Speciality Hospital New Delhi is a modern medical facility, which is distinguished by extremely high quality and standards of medical service. The hospital is located in the heart of New Delhi, in the capital of India. During its design and construction, the most advanced medical technologies from around the wor
Diagnostic tests for syringomyelia
1434.8 help1336
Surgical treatment of syringomyelia
15326.4 help13955

University Hospital Erlangen

location_onGermany, Erlangen

Department of Adult and Pediatric Neurosurgery

According to the Focus magazine, the University Hospital Erlangen ranks among the top German medical facilities! The hospital is one of the leading medical facilities in Bavaria and offers the highest level of medical care, which is characterized by the close intertwining of clinical activities with research and training of medi
Diagnostic tests for syringomyelia
Surgical treatment of syringomyelia

University Hospital Ulm

location_onGermany, Ulm

Department of Neurosurgery

The University Hospital Ulm started its activities 35 years ago and during this time it has become one of the most prestigious medical institutions in Europe. The hospital is famous for its numerous discoveries and the world-class achievements in medicine and pharmaceuticals. The medical facility has 29 specialized departments a
Diagnostic tests for syringomyelia
Surgical treatment of syringomyelia

University Hospital Würzburg

location_onGermany, Würzburg

Department of Adult and Pediatric Orthopedics

According to the Focus magazine in 2019, the University Hospital Würzburg ranks among the top national German hospitals! The hospital is one of the oldest medical facilities in Germany. The centuries-old traditions of first-class treatment are combined with the very latest achievements of modern evidence-based medicine and
Diagnostic tests for syringomyelia
Surgical treatment of syringomyelia

University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus Dresden

location_onGermany, Dresden

Department for Adult and Pediatric Orthopedics, Trauma Surgery

According to the prestigious Focus magazine, the University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus Dresden is among the top three hospitals in Germany! The hospital is the embodiment of the standards of modern high-quality medicine. Since the hospital positions itself as a maximum care medical facility, it represents all medical fields. The
Diagnostic tests for syringomyelia
Surgical treatment of syringomyelia

University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf

location_onGermany, Hamburg

Department of Adult and Pediatric Neurosurgery

According to the Focus magazine, the University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf ranks among the top ten hospitals in Germany! Since its foundation in 1889, the hospital has taken a leading position in the European medical arena and still occupies it until today. A highly competent medical team of more than 11,000 employees takes care
Diagnostic tests for syringomyelia
Diagnostic tests for syringomyelia
Surgical treatment of syringomyelia

University Hospital Muenster

location_onGermany, Muenster

Department of General Orthopedics and Orthopedic Oncology

According to the Focus magazine, the University Hospital Muenster ranks among the top German hospitals! The hospital belongs to the most prestigious medical institutions in Germany. The hospital is distinguished by a high professionalism of its doctors, state-of-the-art technological equipment and the availability of the most ad
Diagnostic tests for syringomyelia
Surgical treatment of syringomyelia

University Hospital Frankfurt am Main

location_onGermany, Frankfurt am Main

Department of Adult and Pediatric Neurosurgery

According to the reputable Focus magazine, the University Hospital Frankfurt am Main ranks among the top German medical facilities! The hospital was founded in 1914 and today is a well-known German medical facility, which combines rich traditions and scientific innovations. A medical team of more than 6,500 employees cares about
Diagnostic tests for syringomyelia
Surgical treatment of syringomyelia

University Hospital Jena

location_onGermany, Jena

Department of Adult and Pediatric Neurosurgery

According to the prestigious Focus magazine, the University Hospital Jena regularly ranks among the top German medical facilities! The hospital has positioned itself as a multidisciplinary medical facility with a long history of more than 200 years. Since its foundation, the hospital has been constantly developing and modernizin
Diagnostic tests for syringomyelia
Surgical treatment of syringomyelia

University Hospital Marburg UKGM

location_onGermany, Marburg

Department of Adult and Pediatric Neurosurgery

The University Hospital Marburg UKGM offers patients modern diagnostics and comprehensive therapy at the international level. As a maximum care hospital, the medical facility specializes in all fields of modern medicine ranging from ophthalmology to traumatology and dentistry. The main areas of specialization of the hospital are
Diagnostic tests for syringomyelia
Surgical treatment of syringomyelia

About the disease

Syringomyelia is a disorder in which cysts and cavities are formed in the tissue of the spinal cord. The disease has also such names as Morvan's disease and spinal gliosis. In case when syringomyelia is formed not only in the the spinal cord of the brain, but also in the stem (medulla), the disease is called syringobulbia.

Previously it was assumed that syringomyelia occurs solely as a result of inborn abnormalities. However it is proved that syringomyelia can appear as a result of tumors, trauma and inflammatory processes. Although these diseases are much less common than the congenital ones, currently the term syringomyelia is used not as the name of a single disease, but for a whole group of spinal cord illnesses. Accordingly, doctors distinguish the primary syringomyelia (with the congenital cause) and the secondary one (appeared under the influence of external factors). Congenital form of Morvan's disease often runs in families and affects mostly men aged 30-45 years.

About 80% cases of syringomyelia are developing against the background of the Arnold Chiari anomaly. Congenital syringomyelia is more often in patients with the anomalies of Dandy-Walker, unusual shape of head, chin, tip of the tongue and the lower lip, abnormal growth of teeth, malocclusion, unequal size of the eyeballs, "depressed" skull face, dysplasia of ears, protruding forward of chest, scoliosis, kyphosis and kyphoscoliosis. The patients may also have extra nipples, different size breasts, extra ribs, extra fingers and improper structure of the hands and feet.

The incidence of Morvan's disease in different countries varies profoundly: in Britain it is  8.5 per 100 000 population, in Poland - 4.2, in the USA - 3.4. In India, China, Japan, Taiwan and Argentina syringomyelia is very rare. In Russia, Ukraine, and Belorussia the disease is spread unevenly - from 0.3 to 7.2 in some areas.


​Onset of syringomyelia is usually gradual. Sometimes the symptoms manifest after coughing, sneezing or physical exercises. Main signs of the disease include:

  • Disturbance of vision and hearing
  • Loss of sensation in the hands or feet, sometimes on the face (the person does not even feel bruises or minor injuries)
  • Numbness and tingling in the skin
  • Strong burning pain and twitching in the limbs and torso
  • Thinning of the muscles of the limbs and torso (atrophy)
  • Eating disorders
  • Problems with bowel control
  • Thinning of the skin
  • Sores on the skin (long-term healing process)
  • Swelling of fingers
  • Numbness of fingers
  • Sweating or, conversely, excessive skin dryness
  • Stigmas of dysembryogenesis


Diagnosis includes the analysis of complaints and medical history. After that the doctor proceeds to the examination which includes:

  • Sensitivity assessment.
  • Assessment of the muscle tone.
  • Electroneuromyography. This method reveals spinal cord lesions, disturbances of nerve impulses conduction and activity of muscles.
  • Computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging of the spinal cord allow a doctor to explore the structure of the spinal cord. Pathological cysts and cavities are perfectly visible in the CT / MRI scans.


Syringomyelia is an incurable disease. All available medical methods can only slow down the inflammatory process, stabilize symptoms and improve patient’s quality of life.

Syringomyelia treatment aims to protect the non-sensitive areas of the skin and provide healing for accidental cuts and burns. With long and persistent pain analgesics are administered in combination with antidepressants or antipsychotics. Nonsurgical treatment includes:

  • Vitamin therapy (group B, A, D, E, K)
  • Drugs that improve the nutrition of nervous tissue (nootropics)
  • Acupuncture: the improvement of human tissue by recovery of the reflex stimulation of specific points on the skin with thin needles
  • Massage
  • Physiotherapy

In some cases, the patient undergoes the surgical treatment of spinal cord – draining of pathological cavities and dissection of fibrous strands. Surgery may help eliminate pain and provide the gradual recovery of the lost sensitivity, but complete recovery is rare.

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