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“Cancer”, “oncology”, “malignant tumor” – all these words sounded like a doom until recently. Per statistics, cancer is on the second place in death mortality. In fact, not all the malignancies lead to death. Moreover, the latest research done by German clinics, proved that every person has constantly emerging cancer cells or even tumorlets and they disappear under the impact of the antitumor immunity.


Clearly, cancer is a very serious and severe disease and it takes time and attention to recover from it. In domestic hospitals, though, not always you can get timely and qualified help. That’s why we would like to offer you a perfect solution – treatment in Germany!

Why Germany?

If you refer to the one of German clinics, be sure to get positive results!Individual approach, highly professionalstaff,  newest technologies, the most comfortable conditions will, for sure, help you to beat the horrible diagnosis.Most significantly, you will get price and quality match, which is doubtful in domestic hospitals.

Among key advantages of the cancer treatment in Germany are:

  • Significant financial investments into the German healthcare system
  • Constant scientific research and development aimed at improving the methods of treatment
  • Highly-qualified personnel; regular contact with the doctor; a possibility to get an opinion from a professor with a worldwide reputation
  • The latest equipment
  • Use of the advanced methods of cancer treatment
  • An individual therapy approach based on the thorough diagnostics
  • Friendly living and conditions

How to undergo treatment abroad?

If you wish to undergo a treatment in one of the leading European clinics, you need to refer to the web site. Website is designed to specifically help our clients to find and pick the best clinic and treatment programm.

Booking Health is an international web portal for booking medical and spa services around the world online. Thanks to BookingHealth, medical tourism was raised to the whole new level. Three basic areas are represented on the website.

Those are from the countries leading in health care system- Germany, Switzerland, and Austria:

  • Diagnostics: check-up program
  • Treatment: programs, including a list of procedures for the treatment of specific diseases
  • Rehabilitation: list of recovery procedures with a choice of dates and duration of the programs

Our web portal will give you a perfect opportunity to conduct a comparative analysis of the world’s best medical institutions and make the right choice without even leaving home!

Main benefits of are:

  • The most rapid and accurate provision of the necessary information
  • A complete list of institutions that are ready to invite for the treatment
  • Over 700 000 various treatment programs
  • Price transparency (prices are much lower than when dealing with mediators)
  • Fixed costs (cost of the treatment doesn’t change after the contract registration)
  • The obligatory insurance provided by the authoritative German company

You just need to refer to the website and make a request. is made to save you time and resources as much as possible, helping to focus on the main thing – your health!



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