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Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Therapy (404753)

Suh Jung Kook

Dr. med.

Suh Jung Kook

Specialized in: anesthesiology, pain therapy

About the department

The Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Therapy at the Hanyang University Medical Center offers the full range of services in these medical fields. The medical team of the department has a huge clinical experience and excellent competent knowledge that allows selecting the best type of anesthesia for a specific surgical intervention. The department’s scope of tasks also includes the treatment and relief of acute and chronic pain. The department is headed by Dr. med. Suh Jung Kook.

The range of medical services of the department includes:

  • Anesthesia for cardiovascular surgery
  • Anesthesia during childbirth
  • Anesthesia during operations on the female and male genital organs (gynecological and urological interventions)
  • Anesthesia during musculoskeletal surgery
  • Anesthesia for brain and cerebrovascular surgery
  • Anesthesia for general surgical interventions
  • Partial or regional anesthesia
  • Intravenous anesthesia
  • Intensive care
  • Pain therapy (treatment and relief of acute and chronic pain)
  • Other services

Photo of the doctor: (c) Hanyang University Medical Center 

Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Therapy.
Hanyang University Medical Center Seoul:

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