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Department of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, Hand Surgery, Burn Surgery (668411)

Goetz Andreas Giessler

Prof. Dr. med.

Goetz Andreas Giessler

Specialized in: plastic reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, hand surgery, burn surgery

About the Department of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, Hand Surgery, Burn Surgery at Hospital Kassel

The Department of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, Hand Surgery, Burn Surgery at the Hospital Kassel offers the full range of medical services in the areas of its specialization at the highest level of modern medicine. The department's team of plastic surgeons focuses on surgery to reconstruct large defects in soft and bone tissue after accidents or tumor removal, treatment of chronic wounds, breast reconstruction using autologous tissues in women after breast cancer, as well as surgery for congenital and acquired hand diseases, burn treatment. In addition, the department successfully performs lymphedema surgery. Aesthetic plastic surgery is also very demanded in the department. The patients often undergo breast augmentation, face and neck lift, otoplasty, rhinoplasty, etc. The department's specialists pay due attention to an individual approach to each patient and the selection of the best surgical treatment method for the restoration of aesthetics of the face and body. The doctors use in their clinical practice only advanced surgical techniques, which exclude trauma to healthy adjacent tissues. The Chief Physician of the department is Prof. Dr. med. Goetz Andreas Giessler.

Before making a decision about the advisability of plastic surgery, the surgeon holds a consultation with a patient, during which he conducts a clinical examination, listens to the patient's wishes and offers him possible options for the elimination of a defect. The next stage of the therapeutic process is comprehensive diagnostics, including assessment of laboratory indicators and the functioning of organs in order to eliminate health risks to the patient during or after surgery. If the clinical parameters are satisfactory, the patient is admitted to surgery. The department has state-of-the-art computer simulation systems, with the help of which the plastic surgeon can reproduce images with the expected result of the upcoming intervention in various projections, for example, a patient who wants to undergo rhinoplasty (nose reshaping) can see and assess his face with a new form of the nose even before the operation. Such an approach is a modern standard in the field of plastic surgery in developed countries with a high level of medicine, as it helps to avoid unsatisfactory results of surgery and repeated corrective plastic surgery. 

The department's specialists have successful experience in the treatment of the most complex hand injuries and diseases. The department offers both conservative and surgical treatment methods. With appropriate clinical indications, it is possible to provide outpatient treatment. The key areas of work of the surgeons in this field include the treatment of hand injuries of any severity, including replantation of amputated limbs, treatment of compression syndromes, arthrosis, chronic pain syndromes, treatment of Dupuytren's contracture, correction of congenital hand malformations, restoration of hand functionality after paralysis, etc.

The department's team of plastic surgeons is responsible for the comprehensive treatment of lymphedema. Initially, the doctors use only conservative treatment – complex physical antiedema therapy. This type of therapy is the basis of modern lymphedema treatment. It consists of four key elements: manual lymphatic drainage, compression therapy, intensive skin care and therapeutic exercise. However, in most cases, a combination of conservative measures and a surgical intervention is required. The department's doctors specialize in such effective lymphedema surgical procedures as lymphovenous anastomosis and vascularized lymph node transfer. The interventions are performed using microsurgical techniques.

The department's range of medical services includes:

  • Plastic aesthetic surgery and cosmetic procedures
    • Breast reduction and lift for women
    • Breast augmentation for women using innovative implants from the world's leading manufacturers
    • Surgical correction of gynecomastia in men
    • Bodylifting (circumferential body lift) after significant weight loss
    • Liposuction (for example, thighs, abdomen, double chin correction)
    • Lipedema treatment using a special liposuction procedure, which does not harm the lymphatic system
    • Body contouring using patient's autologous tissues (for example, Brazilian butt lift)
    • Autologous fat injections
    • Face, forehead, eyebrow and neck lift
    • Upper and lower eyelid lift, correction of bags under the eyes
    • Ear reshaping (otoplasty)
    • Intimate plastic surgery for women and men (for example, labiaplasty, scrotal lift)
    • Rhinoplasty
    • Hand rejuvenation surgery
    • Lip reshaping
    • Treatment of wrinkles (injections of botulinum toxin, hyaluronic acid)
    • Dermabrasion for scar revision and wrinkle treatment
  • Plastic reconstructive surgery
    • Plastic reconstructive interventions on the bone, muscle and soft tissues of the limbs, body and head after injuries and tumor surgery, as well as congenital malformations
    • Female breast reconstruction using the very latest microsurgical techniques, implants and autologous tissues
    • Repair of skin defects caused by chronic wounds in all body areas
    • Reconstructive plastic surgery of the body in lipedema, congenital disorders of adipose tissue distribution, extreme weight loss
    • Scar revision
    • Muscle and nerve transplant in the case of paralysis of the upper and lower limbs
    • Restoration of lymphatic drainage from the upper and lower limbs using innovative microsurgical interventions
  • Hand surgery
    • Treatment of any hands injuries, including replantation of amputated limbs
    • Finger transplantation
    • Treatment of compression syndromes (for example, carpal tunnel syndrome)
    • Wrist surgery in the case of chronic pain, arthrosis and after fractures
    • Stabilization of non-healing fractures (for example, scaphoid fracture)
    • Surgery for Dupuytren's contracture
    • Surgical correction of congenital hand defects
    • Hand function restoration after paralysis of the nerves of the hand and forearm
  • Burn surgery
    • Plastic surgery for severe burns
    • Scar revision after burns, including facial scars after severe burns
  • Other therapeutic services

Curriculum vitae of Prof. Dr. med. Goetz Andreas Giessler

Prof. Dr. med. Goetz Andreas Giessler heads the Department of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, Hand Surgery, Burn Surgery at the Hospital Kassel. The doctor underwent specialized training in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Hand Surgery according to the German and European standards. He had internships in the renowned Plastic Surgery Clinics both in Germany and abroad. The plastic surgeon's special clinical focuses include blepharoplasty, breast plastic surgery, abdominoplasty and body contouring. Prof. Giessler is a Fellow of the European Board of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (FEBOPRAS), the German Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (DGPRÄC), the American Society for Reconstructive Microsurgery (ASRM), the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) and the Professional Association of German Surgeons (BDC).

Photo of the doctor: (c) Klinikum Kassel

Department of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, Hand Surgery, Burn Surgery.
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