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Department of Pulmonary Rehabilitation - Hospital Kloster Grafschaft Schmallenberg

Hospital Kloster Grafschaft Schmallenberg

Schmallenberg, Germany
Department id # 149
Doctor photo
PD Dr. med. Dominic Dellweg
Department of Pulmonary Rehabilitation
Specialized in: pulmonary rehabilitation

About the Department of Pulmonary Rehabilitation at Hospital Kloster Grafschaft Schmallenberg

The Department of Pulmonary Rehabilitation at the Hospital Kloster Grafschaft Schmallenberg offers the full range of rehabilitation measures for the patients who have suffered severe respiratory diseases, as well as for the patients after long-term mechanical ventilation. The department's specialists always recommend undergoing rehabilitation treatment immediately after the basic therapy course, which allows achieving the best results and providing the patient with a decent quality of life. The department is headed by PD Dr. med. Dominic Dellweg.

The doctors of the medical facility prefer an individual approach to each patient, and therefore a pulmonary rehabilitation program is developed individually, taking into account the particular diagnosis, the overall health status of the patient, his age and other important factors. The health of the patient is in the safe hands of a highly professional interdisciplinary team, which includes therapists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, nutritionists, specially trained nursing staff and other specialists. Whenever required, psychologists, psychotherapists, neurologists and surgeons can also be involved in the treatment process.

When planning rehabilitation treatment, the medical team strives to achieve particular goals at the end of the program. As a rule, the goals of pulmonary rehabilitation include improving physical condition and endurance, eliminating shortness of breath, restoring work capacity, as well as eliminating depression and anxiety. Prior to appointing a complex of rehabilitation procedures and determining its intensity, the team of the department's doctors carries out diagnostics, which makes it possible to assess the patient's rehabilitation potential – the initial tolerance to physical activities. The classic diagnostic examinations during the preparation for pulmonary rehabilitation include study of medical history and general clinical examination, laboratory tests, spirometry, pulse oximetry, body plethysmography, echocardiography, assessment of respiratory muscle strength, assessment of physical abilities using an increasing load (treadmill or bicycle ergometer testing), 6-minute walk test and other examinations. With the necessary diagnostic data, doctors begin rehabilitation.

A pulmonary rehabilitation program usually includes such methods as therapeutic exercises, training on fitness equipment (treadmill, exercise bike, gym machines for weight lifting), diet therapy, breathing exercises, psychological support and relaxation training. The rehabilitation also involves drug therapy in order to eliminate shortness of breath and normalize respiratory function. The intensity of training and its frequency are determined depending on the patient's rehabilitation potential. During the entire course of pulmonary rehabilitation, the patient is under the constant supervision of experienced doctors.

Pulmonary rehabilitation is indicated for such diseases and pathological conditions:

  • Patients who were on mechanical ventilation for a long time
  • Patients after chronic lung diseases and those who have difficulty with daily activities (for example, walking, climbing stairs, taking shower)
  • Patients with shortness of breath who have difficulty with common daily activities
  • Patients after hospitalization for exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  • Patients with other respiratory diseases who have difficulty with daily activities

The department's therapeutic options include:

  • Therapeutic exercises 
  • Training on fitness equipment (treadmill, exercise bike, gym machines for weight lifting
  • Diet correction
  • Breathing exercises
  • Psychological support
  • Relaxation training
  • Drug therapy (for example, to relieve shortness of breath)
  • Other medical services

Curriculum vitae

Higher Education and Professional Career

  • 1989 - 1991 Preclinical medical studies at the University of Cologne.
  • 1991 - 1995 Clinical medical studies at the University of Cologne.
  • 1995 One-year practice in Pediatrics (optional specialty), Children's Hospital Amsterdamer Cologne.
  • 1995 One-year practice in Internal Medicine, District Hospital Gummersbach.
  • 1995 - 1996 One-year practice in Surgery, Boston University Medical Center Hospital, USA.
  • 1996 Partial admission to medical practice.
  • 1996 - 1999 Internship and medical residency in the Department of Internal Medicine at the District Hospital Gummersbach.
  • 1998 Complete admission to medical practice, United States Medical Licensing Examination.
  • 1998 Doctoral thesis defense at the University of Cologne.
  • 1999 - 2002 Clinical residency, Department of Internal Medicine, Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia, USA.
  • 2002 Certificate of Merit for the Best Graduate of Clinical Residency in 2002, Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia, USA.
  • August 2002 Board certification in Internal Medicine in the USA, American Board of Internal Medicine.
  • 2002 - 2007 Assistant Physician and Research Fellow at the Hospital Kloster Grafschaft Schmallenberg.
  • May 2004 Board certification in Internal Medicine.
  • November 2005 Board certification in Pulmonology.
  • Since 2006 Lecturer at the Philipps University of Marburg.
  • August 2007 Senior Physician of the Department of Somnology and Home Mechanical Ventilation at the Hospital Kloster Grafschaft Schmallenberg.
  • December 2009 Board certification in Somnology.
  • July 2013 Chief Physician of the Department of Pulmonary Rehabilitation at the Hospital Kloster Grafschaft Schmallenberg.
  • December 2013 Habilitation at the Philipps University of Marburg.

Other Activities

  • Author of S2 Guidelines "Non-invasive and invasive mechanical ventilation in the treatment of chronic respiratory failure" of the German Society of Pulmonology and Respiratory Medicine (DGP).
  • Author and Member of the Central Working Group on S2 Guidelines "Prolonged weaning from mechanical ventilation" of the German Society of Pulmonology and Respiratory Medicine (DGP).
  • Member and Author of the Task Force Group "Critical Care Medicine" of the HERMES project of the European Respiratory Society (ERS).
  • Board Member of the German Interdisciplinary Society of Home Mechanical Ventilation (DIGAB).

Photo of the doctor: (c) Fachkrankenhauses Kloster Grafschaft