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Department of Cancer Rehabilitation - MEDIAN Rehabilitation Clinic Bad Berka

MEDIAN Rehabilitation Clinic Bad Berka

Bad Berka, Germany
Department id # 675307
Doctor photo
Dr. med. Thomas Stauch
Department of Cancer Rehabilitation
Specialized in: cancer rehabilitation

About the Department of Cancer Rehabilitation at MEDIAN Rehabilitation Clinic Bad Berka

The Department of Cancer Rehabilitation at the MEDIAN Rehabilitation Clinic Bad Berka provides professional rehabilitation for patients who have undergone the treatment of malignancies of various localization. Cancer treatment is a complex clinical task and it greatly affects both patients' physical and emotional state. To fully recover from cancer and have a decent quality of life, the patient requires high-quality rehabilitation. The key task of the rehabilitation specialists is to alleviate symptoms (for example, after chemotherapy), eliminate pain, restore inner harmony and develop a positive attitude towards life in patients who had cancer. The department has modern diagnostic rooms with all the necessary equipment for the assessment of the patient's health status and elaboration of an optimal rehabilitation program, taking into account his particular clinical indications. Such an approach allows achieving the best results, since each clinical case is unique and requires a certain set of rehabilitation measures. A great deal of attention is paid to psychological care aimed at overcoming emotional distress and depressive states, as well as at the motivation of the patient for a favorable treatment outcome. The department is headed by Dr. med. Thomas Stauch.

When elaborating an individual rehabilitation program for the patient who had cancer, the department's doctors always take into account the type of tumor, its stage, location, morphological characteristics, previous types of therapy, gender, age and general health of the patient, including his psycho-emotional state. The primary goal of the department's rehabilitation specialists is the restoration of the physical health and vitality of the human body, as well as the elimination of stress and depressive conditions caused by oncopathology. When appointing a course of rehabilitation treatment for young patients, the department's specialists also strive to restore the work capacity in such patients. Most rehabilitation programs are based on therapeutic exercises, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and psychotherapy. These rehabilitation methods are recognized as the most effective in restoring the health of patients who had cancer. The duration of rehabilitation, its components and the predicted result are determined primarily according to the medical history and the patient's state of health at the time of discharge from the hospital. In some cases, the department's specialists carry out the rehabilitation procedures not upon the completion of the main course of cancer treatment, but in the intervals between the courses of radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

The department specializes in the rehabilitation of patients after the following types of cancer:

  • Gastrointestinal cancer
  • Lung cancer
  • Kidney cancer
  • Bladder cancer
  • Cancer of the male genitalia
  • Cancer of the female genitalia
  • Breast cancer
  • Skin cancer
  • Thyroid cancer
  • Cancer of the blood and lymphatic system
  • Head and neck malignancies
  • Soft and bone tissue malignancies
  • Other types of cancer

The department offers the following types of diagnostics and rehabilitation:

  • Diagnostic options
    • Ultrasound scanning, including abdominal, thyroid, breast, transvaginal ultrasound
    • Echocardiography
    • Duplex sonography
    • Endoscopic examinations, including urethrocystoscopy, colposcopy, rectoscopy, gastroscopy
    • Urological diagnostics, including lower urinary tract endoscopy, uroflowmetry, determination of residual urine volume
    • Gynecological diagnostics, including colposcopy
    • Clinical laboratory tests, including tumor marker tests
    • X-ray imaging
    • Diagnostics of the heart and respiratory system
  • Therapeutic options
    • Basic therapy of internal diseases
    • Standard cancer therapy, including chemotherapy, antibody therapy, hormone therapy, maintenance therapy to improve the patient's health
    • Pain therapy
    • Special treatments for cancer of the male and female genitalia, head and neck malignancies
    • Special training programs for patients (16 unique training programs)
    • Health-improving training and counseling on healthy lifestyle
    • Specialized physical therapy programs, including gymnastics for patients with breast cancer, pelvic floor training for women and men, water aerobics, respiratory therapy, gymnastics for patients after the treatment of ENT malignancies
    • Lymphedema treatment (manual lymphatic drainage massage, compression therapy, functional gymnastics and skin care)
    • Sports therapy (for example, monitored ergometer training, Nordic walking, muscle building workouts with individually adjusted intensity levels)
    • Individual physiotherapy, including manual therapy, osteopathy, Marnitz massage
    • Individual and group psychotherapy
    • Relaxation techniques, including Jacobson's progressive relaxation, autogenic training
    • Music therapy
    • Dance movement therapy
    • Speech therapy with differentiated swallowing and speech training
    • Diet therapy, including classes in the training kitchen
    • Occupational therapy, including art therapy and treatment of polyneuropathy caused by chemotherapy
    • Stomal therapy
  • Other types of diagnostic tests and rehabilitation treatment

Photo of the doctor: (c) MEDIAN Reha-Zentrum Bad Berka Ilmtal-Klinik