Medipol Mega University Hospital Istanbul

Department of Cardiovascular Surgery (302857)

Atıf Akçevin

Prof. Dr. med.

Atıf Akçevin

Specialized in: cardiosurgery, vascular surgery

About the department

The Department of Cardiovascular Surgery at the Medipol Mega University Hospital in Istanbul, headed by Prof. Dr. med.  Atıf Akçevin, offers diagnostics, conservative and operative treatment for patients with cardiovascular diseases of all ages – from newborns to elderly people (aged 90 and older). Patients, who require intensive care services, are treated in the specialized Reanimation Units. In addition, the Department comprises the whole range of services of the Pediatric Cardiology and Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgery.

Focal point of the Department is cardiovascular surgery. In the Medipol Mega University Hospital in Istanbul, coronary artery diseases in adult patients are treated with bypass surgery (CABG). In case of rheumatic or acquired valve diseases, repair or valve replacement surgeries are performed. In addition, specialists of the Department also successfully carry out aortic dissection surgeries, endovascular aortic repair (EVAR), as well as hybrid surgical procedures in a close cooperation with specialists in cardiology and arrhythmia.

The medical team of Department at the Medipol Mega University Hospital in Istanbul, headed by Prof. Dr. med.  Atıf Akçevin, performs surgical treatment of the peripheral arterial diseases (obstructions, stenoses) and laser varicose vein surgeries with the aid of laser and radiofrequency technologies. Besides, the Department also provides acute treatment for patients with cardiac and vascular disorders, caused by an accidental injury; if necessary, specialists of other disciplines (Orthopedics, Plastic Surgery) are involved in the process of treatment.

The Medipol Mega University Hospital in Istanbul has the highest expertise in the field of Pediatric Cardiology and Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgery. The Department under the direction of Prof. Dr. med.  Atıf Akçevin offers diagnostics and treatment of a broad range of cardiovascular diseases in infants – from the fetal echocardiography for the detection of cardiovascular pathologies to the treatment of such serious congenital pathologies as rheumatic heart disease and disturbances of the heart rhythm (arrhythmia). Surgical treatment of various cardiovascular pathologies, including the correction of congenital heart disease and balloon angioplasty of heart valves is performed using minimally invasive technique – through a vascular access; thus, an open-heart surgery is not necessary.

The range of diagnostic services of the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery at the Medipol Mega University Hospital in Istanbul:

  • Electrocardiogram (ECG)
  • EFR (Treadmill) Test
  • Transthoracic echocardiography (ECHO)
  • Three-dimensional transthoracic echocardiography
  • Stress Echocardiography
  • Transesophageal Echocardiography (TEE) Test
  • 3-Dimensional Transesophageal Echocardiography (TEE) Test
  • Rhythm (ECG), Holter
  • Cardiac event recorder
  • Blood Pressure Holter
  • Tilt Table Test (tilt test)

The Department of Cardiovascular Surgery at the Medipol Mega University Hospital in Istanbul offers the following range of cardiovascular surgeries:

  • Temporary Pacemakers
  • Pacemakers
  • Electrophysiological Study
  • Catheter Ablation
  • Mitral balloon (Valvuloplasty)
  • Coronary Angiography
  • Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty (PTCA) – Stent
  • Cardiac Catheterization
  • Treatment (Opening) of chronic total occlusion of the veins
  • Surgical Treatment of Aortic Stenosis (TAVI)
  • Non-surgical treatment of congenital heart disease
  • Non-surgical repair of the vein
  • Renal denervation (a new method for treatment resistant hypertension)

Curriculum vitae


  • 1979 - 1985: Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery Department, Medical Specialization
  • 1972 - 1979: Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine, Undergraduate Education

Professional Experience

  • 2012 - Present: Private Hospital in Istanbul Medipol, Specialist Physician
  • 2009: TC Istanbul Science University School of Medicine, Cardiovascular Surgery Department, Professor
  • March 2008: Kadikoy Florence Nightingale Hospital, Specialist Physicians, Department of Cardiovascular Surgery
  • 1993 - 2004, 2004 - 2012: American Hospital Cardiovascular, Specialist Physicians (Active Member and Consultant Physician), Section Chief
  • 1990: Associate Professor
  • 1990 - 1993: Florence Nightingale Hospital, Specialist Physician
  • 1987 - 1988: Diyarbakir Military Hospital, Specialist Physician
  • 1985 - 1993: Istanbul University Institute of Cardiology, Chief assistant


  • Turkish Cardiovascular Surgery Society (General Secretariat and the three-term board member, vice president)
  • National Vascular Surgery Association
  • European Society of Cardiothoracic Surgery
  • Turkish Association of Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery

Department of Cardiovascular Surgery.
Medipol Mega University Hospital Istanbul:

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