Cancer Prevention for Women (cancer Check-up): Diagnostic in the Best Hospitals of Germany

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Hospital Sachsenhausen - Academic Hospital of the University of Frankfurt am Main

location_onGermany, Frankfurt am Main

Department of Cardiology, Gastroenterology and Sleep Medicine

The Department of Cardiology, Gastroenterology and Sleep Medicine covers a full range of diagnostics and treatment of all diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver and cardiovascular diseases. In addition, the department specializes in the study of sleep and related phenomena. The specialists of the department rely not only on expert knowledge and modern medical technologies, but also assign an important role to clinical experience and caring attitude towards patients.

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PAN Clinic Cologne

location_onGermany, Cologne

Department of Internal Medicine and Cardiology

The Department of Internal Medicine and Cardiology at the PAN Clinic on Neumarkt covers the whole range of general, conservative and interventional cardiology, as well as internal medicine. A detailed diagnosis is followed by the determination if the patient’s complaints (heart arrhythmia, chest pains or shortness of breath) are harmless or if they indicate the presence of serious diseases. Such a diagnosis requires experience and a comprehensive approach in order to see and assess all symptoms.

Preventicum Diagnostic Сlinic Essen

location_onGermany, Essen

Department of Cardiology, Internal Medicine and Preventive Diagnostics

The Department of Cardiology, Internal Medicine and Preventive Diagnostics specializes in high quality diagnostics and treatment of a wide range of cardiovascular diseases and diseases of the internal organs. Using modern medical technologies and deep expertise, the specialists of the clinic create a comprehensive picture of the patient's health status, determine the risks that can lead to cardiological or internal diseases. Then they develop a tailored interdisciplinary treatment concept for each patient.

Diagnostic Hospital Munich

location_onGermany, Munich

Department of Diagnostics

Ultrafast computer tomographs (UCT): This is the most accurate and rapid method for diagnosis. These computer tomographs make the most delicate structures inside your body visible by taking very thin slice images of your organs and vessels with a special X-ray tube. The transverse images are processed by computer to 3-D colour images of the body; they are extremely graphic and more reliable than usual CT or X-ray images.

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