Fibrocystic Breast Disease: Diagnostic in the Best Hospitals of Switzerland

Klinik im Park Zurich

location_onSwitzerland, Zurich

Breast Center

The Breast Centre of the Hirslanden Klinik Im Park, Zurich treats all breast-related issues. This includes early diagnosis of breast cancer, prevention and in-depth clarification and treatment of disorders of the breast by highly-trained specialists. Interdisciplinary networking enables rapid clarification, gentle and targeted diagnostic investigation and comprehensive advice, while making use of state-of-the-art technology during treatment.

Hirslanden Clinic Aarau

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Department of Mammology

The Department of Mammology specializes in the comprehensive diagnostics and treatment of breast diseases. The priority focus of clinical practice is the prevention, diagnostics and treatment of breast cancer. The work of the department’s specialists is based on interdisciplinary treatment – mammologists, gynecologists, oncologists, radiation therapists and plastic surgeons are involved in the therapeutic process. The department holds weekly tumor boards with the participation of all the necessary doctors who jointly develop an individual treatment regimen for each patient. The department is certified by the Swiss Cancer League and the Swiss Society of Senology, which indicates compliance with the highest standards of modern medicine in a health facility.

Hirslanden Clinic Stephanshorn St. Gallen

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Breast Center

Today, breast cancer is one of the most frequently diagnosed diseases. Menopause, which usually starts after the age of 50, increases the risk for a woman to learn about this diagnosis. Early diagnosis of breast cancer is the key to effective treatment and return to normal life.

If your diagnosis is "breast cancer", the mission of our center is to provide you with the competent and interdisciplinary care. This is achieved by the active cooperation of doctors working at Klinik Stephanshorn and ZeTuP Center.

Hirslanden Clinic St. Anna Lucerne

location_onSwitzerland, Lucerne

Department of Mammology

The Department of Mammology offers all the options of modern medicine for the diagnostics and treatment of breast diseases. Special attention is paid to the provision of medical care to women with breast cancer, since this pathology is one of the most common among women. The health of patients is in the safe hands of highly qualified specialists with extensive clinical experience. Mammologists have at their command the advanced equipment for detecting the slightest pathological changes in the mammary gland, as well as for timely and most effective treatment.

Clinic de Valère Sion

location_onSwitzerland, Sion

Department of Gynecology and Mammalogy

Gynecological diseases are the diseases of female genital organs. Our Female Clinic is represented by a team of gynecologists working in all areas (therapy and surgery). The doctors work closely with each other under a general healthcare project and offer a comprehensive treatment of female diseases and breast disease at any stage of the woman's life.

Hirslanden Andreasclinic Cham Zug Cham

location_onSwitzerland, Cham

Department of Mammology

The Department of Mammology offers the full range of medical services in the area of its specialization. The competence of the department's specialists includes counseling, diagnostics, treatment and follow-up monitoring for benign and malignant breast diseases. The main focus is on the treatment of breast cancer. The treatment is based on an interdisciplinary approach, which involves the participation of doctors from related disciplines – gynecologists, oncologists, radiation therapists, plastic surgeons and others. The treatment course is developed for each patient individually, taking into account particular clinical indications, age, stage of the disease and other factors.

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