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BioMed Clinic Bad Bergzabern


Department of Oncology and Alternative Medicine

The Department of Oncology and Alternative Medicine offers comprehensive medical care for patients with various types of cancer. The medical facility uses unique treatment regimens based on conventional methods of modern medicine, complemented by various types of alternative therapy, diet therapy, physiotherapy and psychotherapy. The department also performs a large number of hyperthermia procedures (more than 14,000 annually). The department's doctors specialize in deep regional hyperthermia, whole body hyperthermia, superficial hyperthermia, combined intracavitary chemo- and hyperthermia. The procedures involve exposure of the malignant tumor to high temperatures, reaching 41-45°C. The goal of hyperthermia is to suppress the recovery of tumor cells from damage caused by radiation and drug therapy. The department's doctors also use physiotherapy, diet therapy, psychotherapy and other techniques to activate vitality. Thus, the human body itself helps to destroy cancer cells. The department's medical team prefers an individual approach to each clinical case, therefore, each stage of treatment is determined depending on the specific diagnosis, stage of the disease, age and general condition of the patient.

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