Atrioventricular Block (AV Block) — Type Mobitz 2 and 3 — Pacemaker Implantation and Coronary Angiography: treatment in Erlangen - Germany

University Hospital Erlangen

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Department of Cardiology and Angiology

According to the Focus magazine, the Department of Cardiology and Angiology ranks among the top German medical facilities specializing in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases! The department offers the full range of modern diagnostic and therapeutic services to patients suffering from heart disease, as well as lesions of the peripheral arteries and veins. The department's doctors have at their disposal excellent technical resources and many innovative techniques for the treatment of arrhythmias, heart failure and catheter-based treatment of coronary stenosis, heart valve defects, congenital heart defects in adults and other heart pathologies. The department's specialists can also boast of their exceptional experience in cardiac imaging tests. The department's unique offer is sports cardiology. The experts in this medical field carry out a set of tests to determine the maximum possible physical activity in patients with cardiovascular diseases. In addition, doctors specializing in sports cardiology carry out preventive examinations in healthy people. In this case, the purpose of the examination is to assess the risks of developing cardiovascular pathology with a particular physical activity.